SEMPO Cares Initiative

SEMPO recently partnered with eTherapyPro for SEMPO Cares Initiative- a program to provide members with accessible, affordable online mental health resources and connections.

SEMPO Cares is a program that aims to make mental health services more accessible to those of technical professions who work from home. The program is exclusive to SEMPO members and will uniquely connect individuals with counselors over the internet, rather than in a traditional office setting.

eTherapyPro and SEMPO have a unique shared interest in the mental health of technical professionals who work from home. The program will offer members discounted rates on eTherapyPro services and targeted educational materials and courses. This is in conjunction with SEMPO’s 2019 goals to provide increased resources to members for professional growth.

If you are a SEMPO member, click here to take advantage of this program! If you want to join SEMPO, click here to learn about this and other benefits.