SEMPO limits its Recommended Learning Tools to corporate members and sponsors, and certain approved tools that provide visibility for SEMPO and/or value to its members, as determined by the SEMPO Education Committee. SEMPO will only approve trainings run by industry associations or independent training companies offering certificate programs (not events like training sessions or user group meetings that are run by individual companies).

If you would like to have your training listed on the SEMPO Recommended Learning Tools, fill out the form below. SEMPO will review and let you know if it has been approved for inclusion within one month of submission.

This agreement is between an organization hosting the training (“PROVIDER”) and the Search Engine Marketing Professionals Organization (“SEMPO”) to place the PROVIDER’s training details on the SEMPO Recommended Learning Tools.

If this agreement is approved by SEMPO, then PROVIDER and SEMPO agree to exchange the following benefits.

SEMPO will provide the following to the PROVIDER:

  • Listing of PROVIDER trainings on the SEMPO Recommended Learning Tools webpage.
  • A short description of the PROVIDER that includes a link to the training website.
  • Inclusion in the SEMPO Member Discount Page.
  • Inclusion in SEMPO Social Media announcements.
  • Annual HTML email. Dates must be determined 30 days in advance. *Offer only available to partners providing revenue share.
  • Newsletter or member discounts inclusion, if timing permits.

PLANNER will provide the following to the SEMPO:

  • Discount code providing at least 20% off of lowest published fee for SEMPO members.
  • Listing of SEMPO as a “media” or “association” sponsor of PROVIDER on website. These listing will include the SEMPO logo, description and a link to the SEMPO website.
  • Revenue share/affiliate agreement of 10-20% fees obtained through SEMPO referrals.

I certify that the information about the PROVIDER and the EVENT on this form is accurate. I also acknowledge that submission of this form does not mean that SEMPO has agreed to add the training to the SEMPO Recommended Learning Tools. If the training is approved by SEMPO, then I agree that PROVIDER will fulfill its obligations as defined above.