Search and digital marketing professionals need to stay abreast of the latest knowledge and technology to be successful. Additionally, more and more general marketers, public relations professionals, web designers and copy writers need to have a solid foundation of key search principles in order to be successful in their chosen fields.

SEMPO recognizes that no one type of training can meet these varying demands. In order to help guide people to the best resources, SEMPO has developed its Recommended Training Providers which identifies valuable training programs and books to help give you that competitive advantage. Look for the SEMPO recommended logo when choosing your next learning tools, and take advantage of member discounts.


SEMPO’s mission is primarily one of education – to demystify the various aspects of search marketing, to drive awareness of its incredible efficiency and marketing potential, and to help members and nonmembers to grow as professionals. We offer free online webinars and hangouts, an extensive archive of search engine marketing research, and relevant articles on the blog. View links for resources on SEO, PPC, Social Media and more.

View the “Introduction to Search Engine Marketing" for a brief overview of search engine marketing.
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