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SEMPO 2007 European User Study
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SEMPO European User Study

Search Marketing Efforts Across France, Italy, & Spain
JupiterResearch custom research for SEMPO

February 2007

Introduction and Methodology
In January 2007, JupiterResearch conducted a formal survey of advertisers and agencies in France, Spain and Italy. Respondents were asked approximately 26 closed-ended questions. They were targeted by familiarity with their company's search marketing efforts and online advertising initiatives. A total of 95 advertisers and 190 agencies completed the survey. Respondents received an e-mail invitation to participate in the survey, with an attached URL linked to the Web-based survey form. As an incentive, respondents were going to receive the topline results of the survey. In this survey effort, JupiterResearch worked with its research partner InsightExpress on the technical tasks of survey fielding and data processing.

Key Questions

  • Where and how are marketers investing in SEM in France, Italy, and Spain?
  • What are the specific investments and perceived value of paid placement, paid inclusion, SEO, and SEM technologies?
  • Which SEM services are in the greatest demand?
  • What are the key success metrics that marketers are using to evaluate their SEM programs?
  • Which SEM channels are growing: local, pay per call, mobile search, etc.?
  • How is budget allocated and how is this marketing budget derived?

Top Level Findings

  1. 44% of advertisers spent at least 50,000 Euros on online/offline ad placement in last 12 months
  2. 31% of advertisers spent at least 50,000 Euros on search marketing, compared to 37% of agencies who spent that much on search marketing on behalf of their clients
  3. 62% of advertisers plan to increase search marketing spend over the next 12 months
  4. French, Spanish, and Italian advertisers focus more on SEO, compared to paid search, although budgets are higher for paid
  5. Advertisers plan on utilizing mobile search, video search and paid per call more in 2007
  6. Advertisers' top search marketing objectives are generating immediate online sales and building brand awareness
  7. Increasing competition for top rankings has been advertisers' and agencies' greatest problem with their search marketing efforts
  8. Competition is a greater problem for agencies in France, compared to those in Spain and Italy
  9. Both advertisers and agencies, especially agencies in Spain, are satisfied with the ROI from their search marketing activities
  10. Landing page optimization, adding new keywords, and changing the ad text have had the greatest positive impact on search marketing campaigns for both advertisers and agencies
  11. Keywords and landing page optimization have a greater impact for agencies in Spain, compared to those in France and Italy
  12. The main reasons advertisers hire agencies is to improve results, and due to a lack on internal knowledge/expertise
  13. SEO strategy and paid search/SEO implementation are the most commonly used agency services by advertisers
  14. Advertisers have the greatest preference towards using revenue share as an agency payment method
  15. Approximately one third of advertisers are not aware of how much they are paying in agency fees
  16. 26% of advertisers not currently using an agency would consider using one to improve results. However, 61% are satisfied with keeping search marketing in-house

To read the survey results, click here.


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