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Lack of awareness about careers in search

Vivek Bhargava
GroupM, LowerParel, Mumbai

September 15, 2007

Internet search professionals from Google India, Yahoo! India and homegrown companies got together last Wednesday Sempo India's event debut here. Sempo is an acronym for Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization, a non-profit organization that promotes search engine marketing globally (it was officially founded in San Jose, California, in August 2003). Fifty people turned up at the event.

The primary goal was to brainstorm on solutions for some of the key challenges facing search in India.

The one common challenge that seemed to loom over all others was the availability of talent. Most companies in this space cannot find wither the right talent or adequate numbers to hire. One of the chief reasons for this challenge crunch seems to be the lack of awareness about career opportunities in search. The group came up with some solutions - set up a website that is dedicated to careers in search marketing, have similar Sempo events in other parts of the country and start case studies and research that would focus on the research here.

As far as Mumbai goes, the meet ended with a resolve to repeat the exercise on the first Wednesday of every month.

Vivek Bhargava is founder and CEO of Mambai-based search marketing company Communicate2. He also chairs Sempo in India. For more on the organization, go to Write your comments to

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