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Case Study
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SPARDATA Lowers Cost-per-Lead by 82% in 50 Days

Troy Perkins

The Client

SPARDATA - Expert appraiser of privately-owned businesses.

Project Goals

Lower cost of lead acquisition. For the six-month period prior to EVNN's involvement with the campaign, SPARDATA's average cost-per-conversion was $120.47. It was at a conversion cost of $215.71 when EVNN was contracted to improve the campaign.


EVNN broke out the two main keyword (phrase) groups (Business Broker and Business Evaluation) and compared their conversions and spends to the overall campaign for the previous six months.

The Solution

Adjust campaign by eliminating the use of non-performing keywords and focus on leveraging the best performing keywords. Add to the keyword list used with each "Pay Per Click" service. Review/revise PPC ad copy (title and description) for each keyword. Modify landing pages to incorporate a more direct call-to-action, which would theoretically improve conversions overall.


Starting at an average cost per lead of $215.71, in the first 50 days EVNN, was able to bring the cost of a sales lead down by more than 84% to an average of $33.05. Additionally, the average number of leads per day increased by 78%.


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