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Case Study
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B2B Case Study: Fastener Manufacturer

Rachel North


When you manufacture secure fasteners or "screws," search engines might direct your customers to fantasies rather than fasteners. That was the challenge facing an international manufacturer and distributor of secure fasteners when it launched its new website. The website wasn't listed on any search engines for any of its keywords-customers couldn't find them.

Prompted by its ad agency, the company investigated search engine marketing and partnered with Oneupweb. Its goals were simple-be there when the customer was looking for fasteners.

The Program

Oneupweb's campaign began with in-depth research on appropriate keywords and the manufacturer's market, working with the manufacturer to understand industry lingo and how customers reached the site. To develop part of the final list, Oneupweb combined the word "screw" with several relevant modifiers used by the industry and optimized for several of the company's trademarked terms. Finally, Oneupweb edited the information on the site, adding content where appropriate.


By July, 2002, the manufacturer had already achieved 48 top 10 positions; and 52 top 30 positions (benchmark before the program was 0). Four months later in October, the company had doubled its top 10 positions and more than doubled its top 30 positions. A year later, it enjoyed 130+ top 10 positions and 250+ top 30 positions.

All the manufacturer's new sales leads come from search marketing efforts-many from outside the U.S., boosting its international sales by 50 percent. In fact, the company recently offered a free gauge via direct mail to 16,000 potential customers; 99 percent of the requests for catalogs with the free gauge have come from search requests-independent of the direct mail. For more information, contact Rachel North at 231.271.8700 or


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