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Case Study
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Case Study: Online Retailer

Laura Thieme


Board Games Express.

SEO Challenges

  • Improve Google indexing of dynamic database driven web site.
  • Convince small business retailer CPC advertising and shopping search was a worthwhile expenditure, when "free" organic listings had attracted most of his customer base.
  • Improve traffic flow and conversion rates from shopping search engines, to justify new CPC expenses.
  • Determine why we were blacklisted from MSN/Inktomi.
  • Improve customer referral tracking to better understand ROI from advertising expenditures.

SEO Strategy

  • Optimized site so search engine crawlers would index and improve organic rankings without creating doorways, cloaking or link schemes.
  • Ensured search engine friendly dynamic URLs, without use of 3rd party URL rewrites.
  • Global site optimization for all 800 plus products.
  • Installed two types of referral codes to better understand where new customers were coming from, and the monetary value associated with each referral.
  • Conducted extensive industry analysis and implemented numerous changes.
  • Identified prior SEO company's link farm, and located link farm sites referencing Client, and requested removal. Currently advocating for reinstatement with prior SEO company, Inktomi, Positiontech and Yahoo.
  • Worked directly with to improve conversion rates.


  • Google has indexed and ranked every page on the site, including all of its products.
  • Top ten Google rankings for over 85% of their products.
  • Increased 2003 sales by 59 percent over 2002.
  • Increased customer base by 740% in a two-year period, reaching 22,000 customers in 2003.
  • As of December 2003, shopping search engines sending nearly 20% of monthly sales.
  • monthly sales referrals increased by 72% from April of 2003 to December of 2003.

Contact Information

Laura Thieme, 614-846-7560 or,


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