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Case Study
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Case Study: Engraving Company

Scott Litvack
Prime Visibility, LLC

SEO Situation

An engraving company specializing in custom name tags, office signs, etc. was seeing a significant drop in traffic due to the changes in the search engine algorithms. When the website was launched, it was averaging 2000 unique visitors per month, but that number had decreased over time.

SEO Challenges

As a small business, the company had difficulty finding a reputable Search Engine Marketing company that was willing to put together a plan within their budget. The site structure and limited amount of search engine friendly copy inhibited the ability of the search engines to properly index the website. The site had separate pages for product descriptions, pricing and samples, thus increasing the likelihood that visitors would leave the website before placing an order.

SEO Strategy

The company decided to take advantage of Prime Visibility’s recently launched plan for small businesses. This plan is designed for small and medium sized businesses that have the ability to change their website in-house. Prime Visibility conducted keyword research and brainstormed to develop a strategy for this campaign. Prime Visibility provided the webmaster for this company with guidelines and suggestions for improving the search engine visibility of the website. Among these strategies were using relevant targeted keyword phrases, improving the site structure, suggesting that additional text be added to each product page and that the company find other sites to exchange links with. Prime Visibility suggested that copy from the pricing pages be combined with the copy for the product pages. By combining these pages they were able to reduce the number of clicks that visitors had to make and decrease the likelihood of potential customers leaving the site before they make a purchase. These changes also provided the search engines with more text to index and properly rank the site.


  • Within 6 months, the number of monthly visitors increased by 356%.
  • August 2003 was a record month for the website with nearly 5500 unique visitors.
  • As a result of Prime Visibility’s suggestions, the quality of site visitors improved dramatically and a higher percentage of those visits resulted in orders. The company reports that they have hired another full time employee to keep up with the increased business.
  • The website is generating an estimated $13,000 per month in additional Internet and phone orders as a result of the optimization campaign. The original investment was $1000.


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