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Case Study
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Case Study: GBI Marketing

Rob Laporte
DISC Search Engine Marketing

The Challenge

In July 1999, Shane Hammond of GBI Marketing, a fundraising marketing firm serving major manufacturers, approached DISC with a web site with mediocre design and very little search engine position. He agreed to have DISC redesign and rewrite the site, and apply SEO to 10 pages, for about $17,000.


Within one year, the many fold increase in site traffic and customers required GBI to buy a new warehouse. 70% of new business came from DISC’s SEO. Especially noteworthy is that no tweaking of the original SEO was done after 1999, while their positions and new business coming from the search engines remain very strong as of July 2003, four years later. SEO is an investment, not just an ad spend. SEO was so successful that GBI has not needed any paid placement.


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