Want to Get Involved?

Any member of SEMPO can volunteer their time to become a SEMPO Cities Leader. Leaders form local teams of 3 or more to plan and manage local events, and one leader will be deemed the Chair. Gain visibility and have control in organizing an event with great speakers, content and networking in your area. If you're interested in getting involved, fill out the form below.

The duties for the SEMPO Cities Leader role include the following:

  • Active participation on SEMPO Cities local team meetings and monthly SEMPO Cities leadership conference calls, which focus on event logistics and planning.
  • Identifying pertinent topics and areas of focus for your SEMPO Cities event.
  • Identify potential content experts to submit proposals from outside or inside SEMPO membership.
  • Promote SEMPO Cities events to network and encourage event registration and participation.
  • Manage logistics for events including pre-event planning, on-site execution, and post-event follow-up according to SEMPO Cities policies and standards.

Fill out the form below to indicate your interest in participation. You will be contacted in Q1 to confirm your interest. SEMPO Cities Leaders will be announced in May annually.

Local Leadership Interest Form