SEMPO Board of Directors will consist of 15 individuals, each of whom must be a current SEMPO member. Those who are currently serving on the Board of Directors must be nominated and re-elected to retain their current seats. We encourage all members to participate in the election process, by nominating a candidate or running for a Directors seat, and casting a ballot.

General Information

Key Dates:

    • Nomination period: April 25 – May 9
    • Election period: May 1 – June 1
    • Board term: June 2018 through May 2020

Important Resources and Information:

    • All members and nominees should refer to the SEMPO 2018 Board of Directors Election Process document for all election information (eligibility requirements, nomination process, elections, etc.)
    • Please refer to the SEMPO Bylaws for additional governance information.
    • All deadlines and guidelines will be followed, without exceptions.
    • Candidates and their supporters CANNOT use any of SEMPO’s mailing lists, social media groups, local websites, etc. to promote either themselves or any specific candidate(s). You may use your own contact lists for such purposes, but no one is authorized to use any of SEMPO’s official means of contact. Failure to follow this rule will result in immediate disqualification from the electoral process.

Nomination Process

When can I submit my nomination?

    • Nominations will be accepted from PM GMT (9 AM ET) on  Wednesday, April 25, 201 through 10 PM GMT (5 PM ET) on WednesdayMay 9, 2018.
    • Any SEMPO member in good standing may nominate a candidate from an eligible organization.
    • Nominations should be submitted via e-mail to the Vote Administrator at and must include the nominee name, title, company name and email address.

Who is eligible for nomination?

    • To be eligible for nomination as a SEMPO elected Director, a member must be a voting member or employee of a voting member of SEMPO and must be in good standing with the organization. A member is considered to be in good standing if:
      • No action has been taken to expel or suspend the membership, per section 3.10 of the SEMPO bylaws;
      • The member is current on their SEMPO dues.
    • All levels of membership (Platinum, Gold, and Individual) are eligible for nomination, but only one candidate from each eligible member company may be nominated. In the event that more than one Individual member from the same company is nominated, each of the nominations will be accepted. However, only the nominee who receives the highest number of votes during the election will be eligible for a seat on the Board.
    • We ask that you nominate a strong leader that you believe has the industry knowledge and personal characteristics (vision, advocacy and stewardship, and personal commitment and diligence) to help lead SEMPO in the years ahead.

How do I submit a nomination?

    • Nominations must be submitted to the Vote Administrator at between April 25th and May 9th, 2018 – and must include the nominees name, title, company name and email address.
    • SEMPO members are allowed to nominate themselves or another member for election.
    • Please note that only one nomination can be submitted per person.

How will I know who has been nominated?

    • The list of confirmed nominees will be posted on seven days prior to the beginning of the election period, giving SEMPO’s members ample time to carefully consider each candidate prior to casting a ballot.

Election Process

Who can vote?

      • Nominations will be accepted from all SEMPO members, but only the Primary Contact for each corporate member company can cast election ballots. (If you have questions regarding your company’s Primary Contact, please contact the Vote Administrator at SEMPO Individual members can all vote as well.

How is the vote conducted?

      • The SEMPO election is conducted via secure web ballot. A link to the online ballot will be sent via electronic mail to all voting members’ Primary Contacts (and Individual members) at the start of the voting period. A reminder email will be sent 72 hours after the start of the voting period and twenty four hours prior to the close of the voting period.

When will the Board be announced?

      • After the close of voting, the results will be posted on the member Website and announced via the member email list. Details of vote counts or the order of the other candidates will not be published or disclosed upon inquiry.