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Search Engine Marketing Articles
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The Learning Center is seeking new articles and case studies of an educational nature (not promotional). Email your recommendations for evaluation by a member of our Education Committee. Please read our submission guidelines before submitting. All copyrights are property of their original authors and publishers – please do not reprint without permission.

The following articles have been written by SEMPO members to share with you. Some are reprinted courtesy of their original publishers.

Social Media Best Practices
Oliver Feakins, WebTalent SEO
September 2009

Optimizing for Flash
David Lazar, Inc.
December 2008

Obama winner in Social Media
Fionn Downhill, Elixir Interactive
November 2008

Conversions – The Real Bottom Line - Sending for Inclusion
Arthur Cooper, Optimum7
November 2008

How to Keep Your Customers Coming Back - Will be sent for inclusion
Arthur Cooper, Optimum7
November 2008

Make Wordpress Mobile Friendly
Dylan Downhill, Elixir Interactive
August 2008

SEO For Wordpress Blogs
Carrie Hill & Mary Bowling, Blizzard Internet Marketing, Inc.
March 2008

Search Engine Optimization – What’s in it for you?
Chan Komagan, SEO Solutions
March 2008

Lack of awareness about careers in search
Vivek Bhargava, Communicate 2
September 2007

Maximizing Visibility for Multilingual Web Sites
Huiping Iler,
September 2006

Online Reputation Management
Fionn Downhill & James Peggie, Elixir Interactive
April 2006

Lead Generation: Digital Media’s Killer App?
Ken Sonenclar, DeSilva + Phillips
December 2005

Track the Call
Dan Obregon, eStara
November 2005

Branding With Search Marketing
Paul J. Bruemmer, trademarkSEO
October 2005

Choosing an SEO/SEM Company
Matt McGee, One World Telecommunications
September 2005

Jill Whalen: SEO/SEM Pricing Models
Jill Whalen, High Rankings
August 2005

Choosing Link Partners
Chris Boggs,
July 2005

Lobbying for Your Search Marketing Budget
Patricia Hursh, SmartSearch Marketing
March 2005

SEO: The True Cost of Doing It Wrong
Scott Buresh, Medium Blue
February 2005

Five Elements of a Winning Search Engine Marketing Strategy
Tom Dahm,
February 2005

Search Engine Optimization and the Bottom-Line
Jill Whalen, High Rankings
February 2005

The Search Engine Ranking Puzzle
Chris Boggs,
January 2005

How Do I Improve My Web Site Conversion Rate?
Steve Jackson, Conversion Chronicles
January 2005

The ABCs of Outsourcing SEO
Chris Boggs,
November 2004

Organic Search Engine Optimization Strategies on the Rise
Stephen Turcotte, Backbone Media
November 2004

Under The Hood: More Web Sites Valuing Good Content
Pamela Derringer, American Executive Magazine
October 2004

SEMPO Looks Back, Pushes Ahead
Kevin Newcomb
August 2004

Search Marketing Needs to Join the Old-Timers of Marketing
Barbara Coll,
July 2004

Why Search Engine Advertising?
Richard Ball, Apogee Web Consulting LLC
July 2004

Making a Living as a Search Marketing Professional
Barbara Coll,
April 2004

Measurement Tools Play Important Role in Search Engine Advertising
Elizabeth Harvey, Harvey Marketing Group
April 2004

Flying Blind? Search Engine Metrics
Gord Hotchkiss, Enquiro
March 2004

Defending Organic Search: The Other Side of the Comscore IAB Study
Gord Hotchkiss, Enquiro
March 2004

About Online Europe
Massimo Burgio, Ad Maiora
January 2004

Maximizing Your Paid Advertisement with Google
Prabuddha S. Raychaudhuri, SEOguru Technologies
October 2003

Search Engine Marketing - Category Killer?
Stephane Perino, Agence Virtuelle
September 2003

Choosing an SEO/SEM Company
Matt McGee, One World Telecommunications
July 2003

SEM: In House vs. Outsourced
Rob Laporte, DISC Search Engine Marketing
July 2003

Tools of the Trade, Part I
Kevin Ryan,
July 2003

Tools of the Trade, Part II
Kevin Ryan,
July 2003

Failure IS an Option: Mistakes That Inspire
Greg Jarboe, SEO-PR
July 2003

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