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There’s no doubt when you look at SEO, there is a huge range of topics to learn.  Then there are trends which come and go and the best SEO tools to help you manage it all.  Don’t forget those local SEO tips if you are working with local customers or businesses!  Sometimes it can seem a bit overwhelming so here are the first 6 things you should learn in SEO to help you focus.

Understand your audience and user intent

This might seem off-topic at first glance because SEO is all about getting traffic to your website.  But the key to getting that traffic is to understand your audience, what they want and how you can use that to bring them to your website.  SEO is about a lot more than just adding the right keywords – for example, are your audience readers who love a good blog post?  Or do they prefer audio content like a video or podcast?  You need to understand the user intent and your audience when you plan everything you do.

Create amazing content

Once you know how your audience consumes their content, you can move on to creating amazing content that answers their questions, solves their problems or even just makes them smile.  Not only that, but exceptional content will rank better with search engines than mid-level, mediocre content.  This is both a core part of SEO and an on-going trend – it isn’t so much about hitting a specific length of content but about having the best possible content with the most important in it.

Build expertise, authority and trustworthiness

Talk to non-marketers and someone is bound to make a comment about all that ‘dodgy’ stuff on the internet.  There’s a perceived distrust of the internet that is made worse by things like fake news.  And this is why a big part of SEO is building expertise, authority and trustworthiness or EAT as Google calls it.

Building EAT helps to boost your SEO ratings but also makes the site authoritative, a reliable place to get information or buy products and this shows in real life.  Say what you like about Amazon, for example, but people trust it.  It has built that EAT factor and even dodgy sellers on it can’t shift that perception.

technical SEO

Get help with technical SEO

While learning the basics of on-page SEO is something every business owner should do, the technical SEO stuff is often best left to experts.  Things like site speed, JavaScript and Progressive Web Apps are unknown territory to many business owners and even some SEO experts – that’s why working with experts in this area is the best way to handle this area.

Work on on-page SEO

On-Page SEO is definitely more accessible for everyone and that’s why it is one of the main parts of SEO any website owner should learn.  It includes a host of little pieces that fit together to help improve the general SEO of the website.  It also includes optimisations that make for a better experience for the user and this is something that Google prizes.

Learn the basics of Featured Snippets

Optimising content for Google search also includes elements such as Featured Snippets and other SERP features such as answer boxes, knowledge graph, recipes for food businesses and even carousels.  Again, you might want to grab some help on these topics but once you have the basics in place, you are well located to start securing more traffic from Google by getting these key elements to improve your rankings.  And we all know the aim is to be as high on that first page as possible!

Author: Paul Gordon

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