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Digital marketing is a wide-ranging discipline that has grown to incorporate a lot more than just some SEO knowledge and how to make online ads.  This has resulted in a businesses requiring a team of digital marketers, all with their own specialities. But how do you build a high-performance digital marketing team that works?

Built not just by chance

One of the key things to understand when working through these seven steps is that a great team doesn’t just happen by chance, it is built by design. Start out by hiring ambitious employees who are flexible and creative employees who work well with others. View team building as an ongoing project from the beginning and make sure the team always has the right tools for the job.

Hire people

Hire people for their hunger

When hiring, look for a creative attitude and a hunger for the job. Someone that is always looking to learn, take initiative and have great personal drive. Experience is nice but can quickly be obsolete. Don’t be afraid to give interviewees a real-life marketing project to work on. Use situations that your company has dealt with and see what kind of solutions they come up with.  Also look for samples of their work in the past.

employee specialisation

Look for employee specialisation

The most successful team will have specialists that handle a specific part of the digital marketing business. You don’t have to employ them as specialists – you can work with them to help them become specialists.


Help them to learn

It is important to help employees grow and build some structures in the training process to help them become specialists in a specific area of digital marketing.  Tools like five-year plans and monthly one-on-one’s can help with goal setting and providing company guidance. It should also include time for them to experiment and gain experience during this process.  Conferences, webinars and even curated reading lists can also complement this goal.

Don’t over-staff

Don’t over-staff

There’s a balance between “just right” and too many staff. Don’t be tempted to over-staff with too many employees just because the budget affords it. A steady hiring pace can ensure you get the right employees who fit your needs while making sure there is a need for each hire. Let your team grow naturally over time. Bringing on the wrong person or hiring too many people at once can interrupt the dynamics of your team.

Create a collaboration culture

Create a collaboration culture

One of the side effects of success is that collaboration becomes increasingly difficult as the company grows larger. Oftentimes, employees are working at their own pace and on their own projects that seem to have no relationship to other projects.  Our goal is to cultivate collaboration both in real life and in the cloud.

With the use of team work sessions and collaboration software, team members can have a better idea of the project objectives, their responsibility, and how their roles fit in the larger picture.
It’s a good starting point to encourage collaboration, a sense of teamwork and a happier workplace.

Building a team

Building a team

Telling people they are a team is one thing – making them feel a part of it is another.  As your team grows, you will need to find team building activities designed for larger teams to nurture their relationships and optimize work performance. Creating a culture that encourages shared goals, ambitions, and a collaborative work environment is one of the key ingredients of a successful digital marketing team.

A successful approach

By taking these steps when you are building your digital marketing team, you increase the chances of success.  Having a team of happy employees who complement each other is the best approach to creating happy customers and repeating clients.


Author: Paul Gordon

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