November 22, 2018 / SEO 101

Established Businesses Need to Focus on SEO

Even the most mature and successful business will derive benefit from a good SEO strategy. Don’t let yours miss out.

If you operate a successful business that has thrived for a number of years, then you will know that it did not achieve its success by standing still. The competitive marketplace has always been a place of constant change and evolution, and no more so than today, where traditional business methods blend with online and digital strategies.

With that in mind, it comes as something of a surprise to corporate marketing specialists when they hear businesses say that they do not need to worry about SEO because they are already well established.

Presumably, the reasoning is that they are already ranking well, and so SEO is “done” – but if that was the case, why would Google itself feel the need to hire an SEO Manager to boost its own rankings on Google?

If the company whose name is synonymous with those very search engines on which we seek to rank feels that there is still scope to improve its SEO, then clearly, there is no room for any of us to rest on our laurels. Here are four reasons why:

Everyone uses search engines

Despite all the hype over social media, warm leads content marketing and so on, the fact is that more than 90 percent of online experiences start with a search engine. If your organisation is not optimised to rank as well as possible, it will inevitably mean you are missing out on a huge amount of potential business. Even if your numbers look good and your business has seen growth, it could be so much better with a committed and professional SEO strategy, delivered by a freelancer or an established SEO agency.

Competitors don’t stand still

If you are not interested in ranking well on Google, you can bet that your competitors are. The implications are obvious – you need to be at least as committed, just in order to stand still, and if you are not actively working on your SEO, you will go backwards and be overtaken. Of course, the problem is that SEO is not a magic panacea – in fact, a recent survey of SEO consultants revealed that it usually takes somewhere between four months and one year to see palpable results. Fall behind, and it can be a real challenge to catch up.

Web design and SEO needs to be aligned

Many businesses make the mistake of thinking that SEO and web design are two totally separate services, however, the two need to be planned and developed together for optimal results. The type of web designer businesses work with are those that ensure a technical SEO team is working in partnership them from the outset of any new project. Taking this approach creates a more robust foundation on which to build a digital marketing campaign – a solid website built on a fast and secure server with sound site architecture and logical navigation will always be easier to rank well in Google.

The competitive marketplace is changing

The Penguin and Panda updates made a real difference to the competitive marketplace. Suddenly, small businesses were able to compete on equal terms with the large, established organisations. This is because Google placed far more weight on the quality and relevance of content. Market share and a fat marketing budget are no longer enough to reach the top of the rankings.

Search engines are evolving too

As Google has demonstrated, SEO is not something you “do” and then forget about. This is because the algorithms used to crawl the web and find the best results are changing all the time. A simple example is Google’s mobile-first strategy, which penalises sites that are not mobile friendly, and brought about what some people termed Mobilegeddon when the update was released in 2015.

In order to stay at the front of the pack, it is essential to have a coherent SEO strategy and an experienced SEO expert on hand, to help you roll with the punches and make sure your business takes all the positives and none of the negatives out of every Google update.

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