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Podcasting link building

There are lots of tactics and strategies out there to build links.  Some are good, solid ideas that have helped businesses make connections and grow their SEO profile.  There are others that are a bit sneaky and come with the risk of a penalty from Google. Link building through podcasts is an entirely legitimate strategy but one that is often overlooked.  So what is it all about?

Why podcasts are good

Podcasts are very popular alongside audio books as something we can listen to while we do other stuff.  People listen to them while cooking, running the kids to school or even relaxing on their lunch break. There are podcasts for every topic and some really big, popular ones.

Podcasts are also available through different platforms including the ever popular iTunes.  People can easily repurpose content from them, transcribing them into blog posts, creating tutorials from them and lots of other ideas.  But hosting a podcast isn’t on everyone’s to-do list because there’s a lot involved with it.

Why being on podcasts is good

However, you don’t need to run a podcast to benefit from them.  They are a brilliant way to build brand recognition, to spread your name out there and have it associated with ‘bigger’ bloggers and businesses.  By being a guest on a podcast, you get to showcase your expertise, talk about what you know and position yourself as someone with great knowledge on a topic.

Podcasts are quality content but are less terrifying than the idea of appearing on a video.  Not everyone can bring themselves to get don up for a video, sit there and chat with someone or even do a Facebook Live where you are talking to yourself!  Podcasts offer great benefits, but you only need to talk and the majority of them are recorded so if you forget what you meant to say, you can re-record it.

Podcasting link building

Why podcasting is great for SEO

Podcasting also has a number of additional benefits and one of those is that you can build your SEO presence with it.  

There are a number of reasons why the podcast link building method is a popular one including:

  • You are getting to access an engaged audience who already listen to the podcast and are receptive to what you have to say
  • There’s a lot less work as a guest than as a host
  • You don’t need massive preparation
  • There’s less work involved than with a guest blog post
  • Content is very shareable
  • Reviews help to build your authority and credibility

There’s always the potential to repurpose the content onto your own blog as well, depending on the agreement.  You can always write about the experience and link to the show notes. You can share it on social media. You might even be able to embed the episode on your blog, depending on how it is done.

Podcasting link building

The other important thing to remember when you are considering guesting on podcasting is that it is a solid link building strategy.  It is normal for hosts to include some information in the show notes that will include your information, your website and even a social media account or two.  They will also share it on social media, linking to your site and your social profiles which creates links. All of these links will help to boost your SEO profile and means that you get the benefit of one of the three most important SEO principles – links from quality sites to yours.

These are also links that are around for a long time.  As long as the host has the podcast and website, then you have your links in place.  Unlike guest posts where people can suddenly decide to take down your post or remove the category where you were posting.  So podcasting has great long-term SEO benefits.

How do you guest on podcasts?

There are lots of ways to get a spot on podcasts.  Sometimes the host might invite you if you have made a connection with them – helping out in their Facebook group, posting a guest blog with or for them, even working with them.

You can also pitch podcast hosts with an idea for a podcast that ties in with what they do and sees if you can get a response.  You can search for industry podcasts on Google, look at categories on iTunes or even look for author links on Amazon to find out who to contact for a particular podcast.

You can also use podcast booking services to cut down on the work involved.  These services have the connections with podcast owners and can help get you in front of the right people to get that link building benefit and to spread the word of what you do to a whole new audience.

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