February 12, 2018 / #SEMPOchat

Hangout Intro

Hangout Topic: 5 Simple & Powerful PPC Tactics for 2018

Hangout Date:  1/30/2018


Larry Kim, Founder and CEO, MobileMonkey

Elizabeth Matsten, Senior Director of e-Commerce Growth Services, Commerce Hub

Mandy Leifheit, Strategic Account Lead, Bing Ads

Julie Friedman Bacchini, President & Founder, Neptune Moon



Christi Olsen, Head of Evangelism, Bing Ads


Top Takeaways:

Remarketing ads are “low hanging fruit” for advertisers who are limited by budget and only have $1,000/mo to spend on online advertising. Sometimes there can be a delay in building a remarketing list, so that should be the first thing advertisers start with.

As our pay-per-click advertising tools become more and more automated, it gives marketers the opportunity to focus more on the brand message.

If your campaigns are accomplishing their goals and you’re getting a good cost per click, make sure your campaigns aren’t limited by budget, because you could be leaving value on the table.

For shopping campaigns, be sure to regularly check the search query reports to ensure the right products are showing for the right queries.

To combat spam, be careful where you put your conversion pixel especially if you’re using conversion optimizer and what placements you use on display networks. And look through search query reports to add negative keywords that don’t convert.

Dynamic search ads can work very well, but you still have to monitor the search query reports to ensure your ads are relevant.

Check search query reports and add in negative keywords at a minimum every two weeks. But the higher the ad spend, the more frequently you should check.


SEMPO Google Hangouts:

SEMPO Chats with Industry Experts are developed by SEMPO’s Education Committee to help industry professionals learn about topics and ask questions in an informal setting. Chats are interactive discussions in Q&A format, conducted as a Google Hangout on Air. All hangouts are streamed LIVE on Google+ or on YouTube (pick your preferred site). Please make sure to add SEMPO to your Google+ Circles so that you can be one of our on-camera participants and receive notifications as Chats are planned. We also encourage you to take the conversation on Twitter at #SEMPOchat.


Presented by the SEMPO Education Committee and Industry Experts, SEMPO Chats cover topics in an open question-and-answer format live on YouTube. This month the theme is Voice Search. Our committee members and guest speakers will tell us about themselves, dive into the details of the monthly topic, and encourage questions from the audience throughout. If you’re not camera shy, you can join on-air through YouTube during the live event.

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