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The modern marketplace is highly competitive. Your target audience is on social media, has the latest mobile devices, and prefers to deal with brands directly. Therefore, outbound marketing will no longer deliver you the results you want. But this is not all. Even a standard digital marketing model will still not deliver great results. What you need is to evolve your digital marketing strategy to stay ahead of the competition.

Here are the top four methods to evolve your digital marketing.

Merge quality and quantity of content

What’s more important, quality of quantity?

This is a complicated question. Many marketers believe quality should come first while others only care about the quantity. There is no doubt that quality is the bedrock of any successful marketing, but alone it will not produce results very quickly. If you work on a single high-quality post every month, it is likely to get stale and clients will get bored because there’s nothing new to read.

Now it’s time to merge quality with quantity.

Your visitors want to remain engaged all the time. They anticipate learning more about your products, services, and other related issues. By posting a number of high-quality posts every week, visitors will keep coming back. Consider adding one high-quality post every day to build a stronger relationship with visitors. If you find it challenging to craft such high-quality pieces regularly, consider outsourcing the work. You can also start off posting on a weekly basis and working your frequency up to the above level.

Use social media to build high-quality links

Building a high-quality website is the first step in digital marketing. The site is a great determinant of the nature of UX that one can anticipate. However, you must evolve to other platforms that help to build quality links. One of these platforms is social media.

Today, everyone is on social media. It helps redirect prospects and customers to your site for greater engagement, higher traffic, and better ranking.

To build links, make sure to identify and work with influencers in the industry. These are the experts who have gained a lot of trust in the market. They will recommend your services or products to drive followers from social media to your website. Other methods of building links include giving offers on the website, creating high-quality content, participating in controversial subjects, and posting viral posts.

Add influencers to your marketing strategy

In the past, people used to read about an item and make decisions to buy immediately. However, this trend has changed. People look upon industry experts to help them make the right decisions. Whether you have been focusing on content writing, social media, or PPC, it is time to bring aboard influencers.

Influencers take a lot of time to build their status and trust from their followers. Most of their time goes into testing services and working with brands to identify their selling propositions. When they recommend your product to their massive following, a lot of traffic will be headed to the site. This will help you earn a better position on search engine results pages and drive conversion.

Take your website mobile

Starting in 2016, Google indicated that most of its traffic was coming via mobile devices. This informed one of its latest moves to divide the search index. Even before this realization that most searches were coming via mobile, Google was quick to encourage brands to go mobile. However, a lot of companies are still reluctant to go mobile.

You cannot afford to be left behind as other businesses evolve their systems to capture these huge mobile audiences. You need to optimize the website for mobile use or work on a completely new mobile site. In addition, you need to ensure every post, image, and video added to your site should be mobile optimized.

The final take

Digital marketing agency is evolving very fast. Search engine algorithms are being regularly updated while the rules of operations at hand could become obsolete in the near future. You cannot afford to be fixated at one point. Therefore, your marketing should be subjected to regular reviews to implement emerging changes to remain relevant and on the right side of search engines. The outlined four tips are part of the many evolution tactics one can engage in. Note that no matter what your strategy is, there is something that can be done to make it better and more effective.

Kenny Tripura (contributor)

I am an entrepreneur by nature and I love everything related to digital marketing. During day time, I am a Marketing Director at a Toronto digital marketing agency and by night time I am an entrepreneur and investor.

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