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Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned affiliate marketer, you know that the concept itself is simple. Using any number of strategies, you market/recommend products or services of other companies with links to those companies’ sales pages on your own site or blog. You will then receive payment for consumers who visit those sites, and especially if they should make a purchase. While many think of this as “passive” income, the strategies you must use to make good money as an affiliate are anything but passive.

Affiliate marketing can be lucrative, but it is competitive and takes work and continued experimenting with new tactics. Low quality content and setting up websites that do little more than attempt to link visitors to the products of others are not going to get traffic and are not given value by search engines. You need to have a quality site or blog, attract traffic, and use proven tactics to motivate your visitors/followers to click those links.

Here are some of the latest strategies that could boost your affiliate income in 2018.

  1. Be More Discerning

The biggest mistake anyone can make is to become an affiliate for low-quality products/services or for products or services that do not relate to your own niche. It’s time to drop those companies that are not worthy of your recommendation and seek out those that your followers will appreciate. Re-evaluation should occur regularly – after all, your reputation is at stake too.

Most worthwhile companies that allow affiliate marketing will evaluate your site or blog before allowing you to become an affiliate, so focus on your own quality first.

  1. Take a Lesson from Groupon

Groupon is probably the most extreme example of an affiliate marketing site. People flock to it because there are coupons for virtually every type of product or service. Visitors can search by specific niches, and they continue to come back to check on any new deals.

You may not be a Groupon, but if you have established yourself as an affiliate to any company, ask for coupons that you can post on your site or blog. Everyone ones to get a good deal, and if you offer quality coupons, they will come back for more. What’s more, they should be able to sign up for emails of new coupons – you build your own email list while increasing your chances for those commissions.

  1. Sell Private Label Rights (PLR) Products

You may want to dive into affiliate marketing full blast. This is especially lucrative for individuals who do not have their own products to sell, but are skilled in writing engaging marketing content. There are a number of PLR websites, such as InDigitalWorks, at which you can pick from any number of products, and then market and sell them under your own brand name. You get to keep the bulk of the profits. This will be a continually growing industry in 2018. Your work is to set up a great website, write stunning content for the products, accumulate email addresses for future marketing efforts, and continually evaluate sales numbers from each of the products. You can add, modify, or delete at will.

And the best part? You are totally in charge. You can offer discounts, and encourage your customers to get involved by providing feedback on products they buy and sharing their good feelings about your site on social media.

  1. Increase Your Use of PPC

This is a great way to leverage search engines to drive very specific traffic. Your ads show up when searches are conducted by keywords/phrases, and you only pay per click. You can drive traffic to your website or directly to the vendor’s website.

This is not a tactic you can just dive into. You need to do a bit of studying on PPC advertising. For one thing, search engines do evaluate the ad quality and response, and place the better ones in more favorable positions. You need to get creative with those ads.

  1. Create an Affiliate Blog and Write Reviews

If you are a beginner, this is a great strategy. Consider this: how many products or services have you purchased just within the past year – products that you really like? Contact the website administrators/owners and ask about affiliate marketing. It is unlikely that they will turn down someone who can write compelling content and who has a blog that is already recommending quality products and services. You can create “how-to” or explainer videos and drive traffic to your blog through social media and other blogs to which you become a contributor.

This too will take a bit of study and practice.  You are basically becoming a brands ambassador, and are more trusted because these are products you actually use.

This is not an overnight strategy. You have to write genuinely valuable content about the product; you have to speak to its value; and you have to place the link to the vendor appropriately. And it takes time to develop organic traffic through keyword research and SEO.

You can also engage in product and services reviews without your own blog. If you are a skilled writer, you can post on other blogs, link to the vendors, and collect your commissions.

  1. Using Webinars – It’s Pretty Hot Right Now

Webinars are, first and foremost, visual – and visual trumps text anytime. Consider this: if you are in the process of looking to buy an expensive or sophisticated product, you have two options:

  • You can read about the product directly from the vendor; you can read reviews of the product.
  • You can view a webinar in which the product is actually displayed, and the use instructions are visually demonstrated. You get to ask questions and have them answered in real time by a real product expert.

You would probably take the second option, because you can actually see the product in use.

If you should decide to add webinars to your bag of strategies, you have some work to do. You have to practice being a host; you have to outline the important points you intend to make. And you have to promote your webinar with everyone on your email list, on social media, and often offer an incentive for others to market that webinar too.

And once the livestreaming is over, you can save that webinar on your site or blog and promote/replay it in the future.

Whether you are a beginner or someone who is just not realizing the income you want from affiliate marketing, these six strategies are a good start point. As you become more sophisticated, you will develop more important strategies, such as A/B testing, etc. There are successful affiliate marketers who do write about their strategies, and you should read these to see what takeaways there are for you.

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