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Internal linking

When it comes to content marketing, strategic internal linking is one powerful SEO technique. Internal links are nothing but links that point to another page on the same website. One of its biggest features is that it helps the users to navigate a website by establishing information hierarchy for the given website. It also aids in spreading link juice (ranking power) around the website.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the key to gaining a high rank on search engine, which in turn ensure higher visibility and greater profits. There are several SEO building activities which can help a company improve its website SEO to improve their ranking.

One of the most underrated and yet important activity would be internal linking. While companies spend a lot of time, money and energy to focus on backlink building, they fail to understand the importance of internal linking which will give them the additional push to improve their SEO. If all the hard work you are putting into building your company’s search engine ranking are not working out here are three tips which will help you improve your SEO immensely.

Create quality content

In order to incorporate adequate internal linking, you have to create a whole lot of content where you can include the internal links. But the biggest mistake that a number of companies do is that in the rush to create a large quantity of content they end up compromising on the quality of the content. This will not only be of no use in improving SEO, it will instead create a negative impression about your company to your visitors and potential clients. Make sure you have a content management team which is up to date and constantly working on creating excellent and ample content to incorporate adequate internal linking in a tasteful and not too obvious fashion which will make your website a delightful read for anyone who visits.

Develop a linking strategy

Internal linking is a delicate affair which needs to be dealt with an experienced expertise. The biggest mistake made by most companies is that they usually link their internal links to common top-level pages like their landing page, home page or contact page. This is not only a very obvious way, but it is also incredibly lazy and does not speak well for you.

Your navigation menu already has the links to these pages anyway, so you do not need to repeatedly point it out to a visitor. Instead, link deeper, go for pages that are not linked to your menus. The more you create such linking, the more your viewership will increase, and your content wouldn’t remain obscure.

Use effective anchor texts

It is important to use the right anchor text or interlinking in SEO in order to create an effective internal linking. While image links are also fine and effective but it is a much better idea to do text linking for the best result in your SEO building activity. Your PR team should be able to effectively use anchor texts to help you internally link your content more successfully.

With some thought and work, internal linking can result in a soaring SEO in no time!


Paul Gordon (author)

Freelance SEO Expert, with over 15 years experience in digital marketing.

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