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On November 14, 2017, SEMPO joined Eric Enge, Christi Olsen, and Pete Francis for a #SEMPOChat on an emerging type of search: voice search. If you missed the Hangout, you can watch the recording on SEMPO’s Youtube Channel and read through some of the key takeaways.

Key Takeaways:

We’re heading towards a world that will have no search box and no browser.

Based on recent research, users think of digital assistants as a thing that sits on your kitchen counter, you can ask it questions, and it searches the web. So, what is the trigger event for conducting a search and how we communicate those results? Currently, digital assistants are reactive; they respond to users’ queries. But companies like Microsoft are exploring features such as Cortana, which will proactively provide information for users.

We can no longer control the customer journey (pre-composed marketing channels no longer exist). We have to be clear about what our assets are and determine how we can map our resources.

We can map users’ intent by, for example, monitoring Bing Ads and Google AdWords question-based search queries. Then we ensure their questions are answered.

The best current analogy for voice search is featured snippets. For voice search, we’re providing users with one answer/result for their query. This is similar to how featured snippets serve users today. SEO best practices and intent mapping apply to both ranking for featured snippets and voice search, because they help the advertiser rank in position zero.

Search marketers who want to make sure they’re ready for the shift to voice can start by learning how to rank for featured snippets. Search marketers should also begin experimenting with Cortana, Google Assistant, Alexa, by building apps for them, to get a deeper understanding of how these digital assistants structure language.

Voice search puts the customer first. Listening to the customer is imperative for marketers to leverage voice search for their businesses.

Recapped By:

Andrew Foster, SEM Consultant in Atlanta, GA

Industry Experts:

Eric Enge, CEO, Stone Temple Consulting Corporation

Pete Francis, VP Digital Growth & Acquisition, T-Mobile

Christi Olsen, Head of Evangelism, Bing

About SEMPO Google Hangouts:

SEMPO Chats with Industry Experts are developed by SEMPO’s Education Committee to help industry professionals learn about topics and ask questions in an informal setting. Chats are interactive discussions in Q&A format, conducted as a Google Hangout on Air. All hangouts are streamed LIVE on Google+ or on YouTube (pick your preferred site). Please make sure to add SEMPO to your Google+ Circles so that you can be one of our on-camera participants and receive notifications as Chats are planned. We also encourage you to take the conversation on Twitter at #SEMPOchat.

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