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Influencer marketing has grown substantially in recent years. To put it into perspective, approximately two-thirds of all businesses are currently running some form of influencer marketing campaign, and over half of them are planning to increase their budget in the future. In short, influencer marketing is BIG; and it’s set to become even more popular. But while the statistics point towards a clear upward trend, most brands are still in the experimentation phase.

If you’re new to influencer marketing and looking for ways to get involved, these tips will help.

Spark a Conversation

Unlike search engine optimization, influencer marketing is more about spreading the word through traditional (albeit digital) means, rather than gaining prominent positions in the SERPs. It relies on trusted voices, authenticity and organic reach – much like the word-of-mouth approach of yesteryear.

Fundamentally, influencer marketing cannot be cheated or manipulated. Producers have to provide quality insights in order to achieve success and reach relevant audiences. Additionally, the fast-paced nature of today’s viral culture reduces the time it takes to gain exposure in comparison to ranking pages/websites on Google.

Utilize Social Media

No influencer marketing campaign would be complete without a strong social media following. At present, the most popular platforms are Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. While Instagram may not boast the numbers of Facebook and Twitter, its users tend to get more involved

LinkedIn is the odd one of the pack. However, if you’re working in a B2B industry, it’s extremely powerful. LinkedIn is not only a viable platform for building your own reputation, but can also serve as a gateway to other influencers; one which will help you make direct contact and begin a cross-promotional journey with them.

Quantify Your Data

From a marketing perspective, digital analytics is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal. What’s more, it costs very little to implement. Using analytics is the only way to numerically define how effective an influencer marketing campaign actually is as it will allow you to quantify data as a whole. For example, how much a media mention boosts clickthrough rates on a certain product, or how many new followers the average blog post will attract.

Influencer marketing hasn’t been around in its current form long enough to determine a law of averages. However, many businesses are reporting encouraging signs and much stronger follower/sales figures as a result. For example, law firm, has dramatically increased their exposure by creating a website full of informative information that establishes their company as sector experts.

Recognize Influencer Types

You must be able to recognize the different types of influencers, most notably the differentiation between sector experts, celebrities and brand ambassadors. While all of them can hold the prestigious “influencer” title, not all of them may be worth pursuing. So if you need a platform to utilize, crunch the numbers and potential engagement rates on a per-case basis.

Celebrities have huge followings, but are often out of reach for most businesses and, while they have the numbers, tend to have a broad reach. Brand ambassadors are people who literally love your brand and will endorse it, whatever you do – think Xbox and Apple enthusiasts! Sector experts provide the best of both worlds and generally the most viable for small to medium-sized businesses.

Whether you want to gain influencer status yourself or utilize existing authority figures to promote your brand, there’s so much to gain from a well-executed influencer marketing campaign. Hopefully these tips will have given you a pretty good starting point to build upon. But if you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

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