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OK Google, how does a search agency help a client be found in voice search and drive meaningful results?

In Acronym’s case, it was thanks in part to work with a longtime client, lawn and garden care company Scotts Miracle-Gro, which knew its customers were increasingly using voice search and wanted to be found there, too.

Acronym helped Miracle-Gro better target voice-based queries by identifying terms that were more likely to come from voice search and by zeroing in on Google’s featured snippet and Answer Box. This, in turn, meant Miracle-Gro was more discoverable when consumers had related verbal queries. And that’s incredibly important in the far more competitive voice search landscape in which only one answer is read aloud.

Acronym first created a set of key performance indicators (KPIs) tied to the various steps customers take throughout the research stages in lawn and garden care and was then able to categorize keywords by intent at scale and see real success in how it optimized day to day within its search intelligence platform, Keyword Objects.

Specifically, Acronym identified voice-leaning keywords by using Miracle-Gro’s existing AdWords campaign to find likely voice terms, as well as by tapping into Google’s suggestion box and Acronym’s own proprietary technology. We also looked at keywords that were more inquisitive and/or colloquial, which indicate voice search.

From there, we built voice campaigns in AdWords with copy and experiences that catered to voice delivery, such as easy navigation and clear focus on information delivery.

We also worked with SEO platform Conductor to quickly survey the Answer Box landscape and see which keywords triggered Answer Box results and provided more opportunities for Miracle-Gro’s voice answers.

In addition, we created a content optimization strategy that included: refreshing quality content relevant to a theme, structuring the page with the user experience in mind, defining a how to list with content that clearly presents answers, identifying relevant images and videos, matching long-tail question-based queries within page headers and implementing SEO practices.

In the app specifically, we used keyword research to identify the most common need cases in voice, which we then fed to the app development and content teams to ensure suitable content existed or was created. We also worked with Scotts to identify opportunities to better rank in the App Store, as well as to get content indexed.

As a result, our voice-activated keyword campaign resulted in an increase in optimized pages that earned Answer Box placements, thus proving our formula is effective – and getting into the Answer Box is no accident. We also increased Buy Now conversions. And we eventually expanded our efforts to other Scotts brands, like Ortho, Roundup and Tomcat.

In turn, our work brought accolades for Acronym.

Most recently, Acronym took home the Best Search Marketing award from MediaPost’s prestigious OMMA Awards thanks to its work in uncovering the secrets of Answer Box optimization. The agency was also awarded the Best Use of Voice Search at the Drum’s US Search Awards for the same campaign only a week prior. And, last year, our work with Scotts Miracle-Gro earned Acronym the Best Overall Enterprise SEM Initiative at Search Engine Land’s 2016 Landy Awards.

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