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Make Sure Your Site is Mobile Optimized

The first step towards getting the most out of your mobile traffic is to let it in. Remember, it is always a frustration to users who try to visit a site only to be shut out simply because they have the wrong device. In addition, it may cost you a valuable visitor or two apart from the losses in time and resources.

Consider the Number of Leads You Wish to Generate

If by using mobile PPC you intend to generate as many leads as possible, leave out the many text boxes in which users are required to fill with text. Few users are likely to endure the whole process while they can get whatever they want from somewhere else without so much hustle. In the end, you lose a potential customer (who is not likely to return) to your competitor.

Remember that there are long and short pages. It is, therefore, important to consider the types of lead you wish to generate. While the leads generated by long pages are fewer, they are usually higher quality. On the other hand, you stand to reap huge volumes of leads generated from short pages but their quality may be lower.

Make Use of Ad Extensions

If you are really interested in improving the prominence of your ads, you cannot afford to leave out extensions. Some of the most fruitful extensions include Call out and SiteLink. They will not only help increase the size of your ads but also improve their credibility, with the result of making CTR better.
The user just needs to press the call out extension on the screen in order to instantly get in touch with you. The message extension, on the other hand, allows the users to contact you in cases where they want more privacy or simply because their location does not allow them to call you. The call and message extensions are not only simple and easy to use, but are also ideal for ensuring that you get in touch with potential clients and enhancing conversions in the end.

Plan Your Mobile Ads Wisely

The success of your ads will be determined by the time they run at, and mobile ads are no different. Most mobile searches are conducted in the early morning, at around mid-day, and in the evenings. Nonetheless, the desktop is the top choice for searches carried out throughout a typical working day.
Keep in mind that CPA drops as the day progresses because most users have already conducted their searches since morning. However, most conversions happen in the evening. This means that while your budget should enable you to run ads in the morning as well as throughout the day, you should also be sure to budget for evening ads since that is when most of the conversions happen.

Know When to Adjust Your Bids

It is important to keep track of your performance both on the desktop and the mobile. This helps you know the device that works best for you. If according to your data, the traffic on mobile is resulting to a satisfactory number of conversions and leads, it is time to intensify your bidding efforts since you now know that you are in the right track.
However, if your performance on the desktop outshines that on the mobile by far, it is time to think of such alternatives as cutting down on the amount you spend on the latter. Nevertheless, finding out which device delivers better performance is sometimes a tricky affair. For instance, some users may initially access your site on mobile only to convert through the desktop.


One fact about Mobile PPC is that there is no dominant strategy. The above tips will help you in your efforts to put it in correct use and maximise your gains. Remember to keep track of your progress from the moment you begin your campaign and to always keep your eyes open.

For many years, the desktop has remained the dominant device in accessing the Internet. However, it is fast losing its glory. Less than a year ago, it was finally overtaken by the mobile and the gap is quickly widening as more and more business fields adopt it as one of the main devices through which they run their affairs. Apart from the obvious portability, most of the reason for the rising popularity of the mobile involves increased speed with less usage of data. It is, therefore, a golden opportunity for digital marketers to upgrade their mobile PPC strategies for maximum gains.


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