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According to Statista, over 78% of the American public now have at least one social media profile. This boom in online activity has made many marketers wonder whether traditional marketing is still relevant. Hopefully, this article will clear up any confusion…

Businesses should always look at how they can use traditional and digital marketing together as the strategies that rely on both online campaigns and printed media are generally the most effective. In fact, the Outside Advertising Corporation of America reports that out-of-home advertising has grown to $7.3 billion, experiencing a rise of 4.6% since 2016!

Every business has a website or social media profile these days, but not everyone is aware of how powerful traditional marketing methods can be. Here are 4 ways you can use them to drive customers to your website.

Email Marketing

Alright, email is an online medium and not often associated with traditional marketing. However, email has been around for a long time – much longer than social media and Google AdWords. Almost everyone has an email address; therefore, any effective campaign must include some form of email marketing.

By tailoring emails to potential customers, you can increase click-through rates and traffic to your website. What’s great about this is that you can track how well each email is performing, allowing you to make changes in the future and maximize your response rate. Flagging emails that are underperforming, linking them to specific addresses, and rewording the content, can make a huge difference to your campaign’s success.

Emails can also help with B2B marketing. Everything from a company’s profits and spending to the number of people they employ can be found online. Information like this is pure gold to an email marketer as it allows you to target those who are likely to respond, saving both time and money in the process.

To make the most out of your email campaign, be sure to include a link to your website. You don’t have to just link to the homepage but could link to an embedded video containing information about your business, just make sure that it is relevant and engaging enough to make readers want more.

Printed Brochures

Magazines and newspapers are great places to advertise; however, they can only offer so much space. In addition, they require you to conform to strict margins and limited word counts, reducing how much information you can include. What you end up with is an expensive ad that says very little about your business.

Printed brochures, on the other hand, are great for sharing large amounts of information at an affordable price. Bulk ordering means you can reduce your costs, and many publishers also offer exclusive business rates. If taking this route, just be sure your brochure is engaging and informative. After all, you need to give the customer a genuine reason to visit your website.

Cold Calling/Warm Calling

It’s not the most popular strategy, but cold calling still can be a highly effective way to generate interest. That said, any business using this strategy must be intelligent on how they apply it.

Warm calling” is a great example of how traditional and digital marketing can work together to produce the best results. It involves emailing a prospective customer or client and informing them that you are going to phone them later. If they don’t want to speak to you then all they need to do is say so. This means that your staff are only calling those who are interested in your services.

Printed Newsletters

The problem with many marketing campaigns is that businesses inevitably place a lot of emphasis on attracting new customers without considering existing ones. Newsletters are a great way to do both, rewarding those you have done business with before, while providing a viable method of acquiring leads.

People must sign up to newsletters, meaning they have already shown an interest in whatever you are providing. This means they are far more likely to click through to your website and respond to future marketing campaigns.

In today’s digital world we tend to place SEO and online marketing on a pedestal. While it’s certainly important, it should never completely overshadow the traditional methods, i.e. those marketing channels that have been tried and tested for decades. After all, it’s the marriage of both that will truly maximize your exposure, traffic and profits.

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  1. Nowadays Digital Marketing is the way forward but Traditional Marketing also has space in market because if business has no presence in online marketing so you’ve need to promote business by Traditional Marketing by advertising through newspapers, magazines, television and radio etc. and it will be better option for your business.

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