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Anyone can browse the Internet, find an SEO “how to” guide, learn the vocabulary, navigate the jargon, and can become a self-professed expert within the space of a few months. However, acquiring knowledge is just one step of the process. Application is what’s most important.

Nobody knows the SEO business better than those who have been in the trenches, built websites from the ground up, and watched them rise and fall. By attending SEO conferences you will gain inside knowledge from the best of the best; those who haven’t replicated the success of others, but rather, pioneered the industry and discovered their own methods of achieving success.

Here are just a few reasons why SEO conferences could be the most valuable weapon in your marketing arsenal.

You Will Update Your Skill Set

The SEO business is like a living, breathing organism, adapting and evolving to its surroundings and growing stronger and more resilient to disease (in the business we call this “spam”). The newer techniques are often more powerful than the previous techniques. Conferences give you a chance to update your skill set. However, they will also serve as a great refresher by rehashing your knowledge of the basics, which often gets overshadowed by the latest industry trends.

You Will Learn the Law

We can all be ignorant of the law sometimes and only realize we’ve broken it when we’re penalized – like when you park a car on private property and find a ticket on your windscreen. The only difference between the Internet and the real world is that laws that are governed by Google are hidden from the public eye. While we can pick up a copy of the Highway Code and refresh our memory, there’s no “Google Code” – the Google SEO Starter Guide is the closest you’ll get. If there was, we’d have a new edition on a near-daily basis! SEO conferences often have keynote speakers who are avid Internet lawbreakers. They’ve broken every rule in the Google book and have become rehabilitated – you can learn a lot from them. After all, quality SEO is less about following the the rules and more about not breaking them.

They are a Great Place to Network

Extensive networking is probably the most overlooked element of SEO. Any good business person knows that network building is about reciprocal appreciation and communication; and conferences provide the perfect platform to meet, learn from, and teach others. You never know who you could be talking to or where your next big client could come from – a friendly gesture could go a long way. So even if you know (or think you know) all of the tricks of the trade, conferences could still be an invaluable resource, helping you establish new relationships that could lead somewhere in the future.

You Can Ask Questions

Nothing in the SEO business comes quick. When you want to test new marketing techniques you’ll have to undertake long, audacious tasks to get answers. This often makes it difficult to go against the grain, even if you want to. If you have anything that’s been boggling your mind – a technique that you’ve been curious about trying or something that’s been driving you crazy with worry – conferences provide an opportunity to get straight, clear answers/opinions from others, which will help you refine your future strategies.

So… are you convinced? Are you eager to attend an SEO conference and see what you could learn? Consider this year’s Ungagged Las Vegas (November 13-15). Unfortunately, the SEO business is often shrouded in secrecy and it’s not uncommon to find conferences with keynote speakers who are unwilling to offer a full and transparent insight into their techniques – one of the few negatives. At Ungagged, however, the lineup is completely uncensored; therefore, you’ll gain access to off-the-record, unbiased tactics that you won’t find anywhere else.

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