August 9, 2017 / Featured, SEO Advanced Practices

Did you know 30% of website visitors will perform on-site searches? And yet, on-site search, also known as internal search, is ignored by 42% of companies. Here are a few things to consider so your company isn’t part of that 42% and can leverage on-site search to increase conversions and revenue.


Having an on-site search feature on either the homepage, or throughout your site, creates an engaging and user-friendly experience for anyone who visits the page. It makes finding the content visitors are looking for easier, encouraging them to stay on the site longer and decreasing bounce or exit rates.


Utilizing on-site search as a tactic creates an opportunity to gain more insight about your website visitors and their search behavior. On-site search can provide valuable information such as keyword habits, length of sessions, searches that do not return a result, and much more. This data can be used to enhance and optimize your website’s user experience as well as inform other digital marketing programs you may be using to attract visitors.


For e-commerce sites, on-site search is a necessity to improve a shopper’s experience and increase revenue. Internal search allows shoppers to easily find products they are looking for and increases the likelihood of completing a transaction. Data shows on-site searchers convert at a 43% higher rate than average and have a 29% higher average order size.

These are just three examples of the types of benefits that can come from utilizing on-site search on your website. It’s clear on-site search can help you gain more insight and value from your website visitors. So, if you haven’t already tapped into this undervalued search tactic, you should consider implementing on-site search to take your website to the next level!

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