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Wordpress DeveloperSince the last count, 74.6 million sites depend on WordPress. So I am sure there are a few of you, that run a WordPress website. Keeping WordPress, themes & plugins updated, search engine friendly and free from any issues is very important, as you may or may not be aware, WordPress, if left alone with no maintenance will get hacked at some point and that’s not good for business.

The need for WordPress developers is increasing considerably. When it comes to hiring a web developer, every website owner has an array of choices – hiring a freelance WordPress developer or employing a full-time employee, or outsourcing the task to an offshoring firm.

While each of these options has its own pros and cons. Whether it is about low cost, flexibility or round the clock availability, a reliable freelance WordPress developer offers many advantages.

Here are some top tips to look out for if hiring freelance developers for your WordPress website/s:

Need Based Hiring

If you hire a full-time employee, you are required to pay to the employee for the time he/she is engaged with your firm, whether or not, the work is there. But, when you hire a freelance developer, you only pay for the tasks completed by them. If there is no work, you are not required to pay anything to the developer.


As the freelance developers work right from their homes, they don’t have lots of overheads or expenses to meet. As a result, their charges are far lower than the offshoring firm and the expenses required to maintain a full-time employee.

Flexible Working Hours

A full-time employee is only available during the working hours, but, a freelance developer can work even after the working hours or on the weekends if urgent completion of certain tasks is required. Moreover, if you hail from another time zone, a freelance developer ensures availability as per your work schedule and timings.

Flexibility To Hire Specific Experts

With freelancers, you are not bound with a single developer, and you can hire the experts as per your requirement. If you need some tasks to be completed by one person, and the other set of tasks by another, you can easily hire two different people without requiring to pay to both of them simultaneously.

Faster Turnaround Time

Usually, the freelance developers don’t work simultaneously on a lot of projects, and thus, they easily prioritize the tasks handled by them at one time. Consequently, they assure faster deliveries and swift turnaround times. Furthermore, you can provide your feedback in the real time, and the required changes can be easily made.

No Need To Invest in Training

One of the biggest hassles pertaining to employing full-time employees is that you have to provide them training from time to time, so that, they get adept to the changing technology. But, with freelancers, this isn’t required.

Freelancers live and die by their knowledge & experience, so they have to keep up with the latest trends.


There are many good freelance developers out there, though it can be quite a minefield to know who to hire. A good starting place for me would be People Per Hour,  you can post a job and get quotes. You can verify ratings from other customers too so you can limit the risk of a bad hiring experience.


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