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 Influencer MarketingInfluencer marketing is the fastest growing and incredibly effective social media marketing technique. It takes the age-old word of the mouth marketing to the next level. Google Trends shows that there has been a steady rise in influence marketing as a preferred advertising method. It is seen that 40% of Twitter users have actually made a purchase due to an influencer’s recommendation and if you are on the fence about this method, here are a few reasons why you need to tap this goldmine of resources today.

Greater reliability

Most celebrities don’t even use the products they advertise. Even if they do, they also have a tonne of help from other people are products to keep their lives sorted and glamorous. In contrast to that, influencers are ‘real’ people, just like your potential clients. Hence, it gives your brand a greater degree of reliability among potential clients if someone who is famous and yet likes them in their daily lives advertises your product or service.

Breakthrough Adblock

The majority of people use Adblock’s to weed out spam and in the process, end up blocking your ad, among others too. This way, while you are shelling out big bucks to advertise your brand, it is not reaching out to people as they can easily block it out. But with social media, your potential clients eagerly follow the influencer and his or her posts. Sometimes, followers even get a notification when the influencer posts and hence your advertisement is bound to reach a break through all Adblocks! Moreover, people who don’t have Adblock also ignore any ads that pop up on their page. But with an influencer, they are bound to take notice

Greater reach

With people hooked onto their laptops, tabs and mobiles most of the times for constant feed of social media as a way to reach for everything from news to shopping recommendations; advertising your product through an influencer gives you a better reach than any other traditional method of advertising.  Traditional advertising is usually bound by the geographical borders and are, therefore, usually restricted to the city, state or country of the origin of the brand. But with influencer marketing, your product or service can shatter the limitation of boundaries and reach potential clients across the globe.

Improve SEO

Improved SEO

SEO is the key to greater sales and most companies go out of their way to do anything that will improve their brand’s SEO. Improved SEO ensures a higher rank on search engine searches, which in turn, promises a wider client base. Backlinking is an important step towards improving your SEO and what can be a stronger backlink than that on a social media account with a huge following! This is effective and completely a whitehat method of getting more links to your website, which would help you increase your search engine rankings exponentially.

Fewer maintenance costs

Social media influencer marketing essentially takes care of itself. Unlike traditional methods of advertisement, you do not have to constantly take care of your advertisement. However big or small scale your choice of marketing is, you have to take care of it. For example, if you have hoardings on the side of the road, you have to worry about getting it replaced in case of the storm damages it. If it is painted on a bench, you have to get it repainted after the rains fade it. Even fliers and posters have to be constantly replaced but influencer marketing cuts out a huge chunk of these recurring costs. Moreover, as your influencer gains more followers, your advertisement base increases as well.

Influencer marketing has a huge potential in improving your brand’s reach as well as its credibility. So, stop thinking and do it today!


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