Facebook influencersFacebook is one of the top contenders when it comes to charting the list of social media networks that get regularly used on the go. Armed with more than a billion people globally, this platform is one of the most unique, rich and potential-worthy content creator for an affiliate marketer. By ‘liking’ what the other user is seeing, they are approving of it. And, by further ‘sharing’ the feed on their own timeline or a friend’s timeline, they are creating a ripple effect, which basically starts from your own page and gradually reaches far and wide.

But as we know new trends for SEO and Social happen every year if you are an affiliate marketer you cannot have the same mindset as people had a few years ago. Here I have mentioned below are some of the points how consumers can see, experience and ultimately buy your product on Facebook:

Try sharing personal experiences on Facebook page:

Now this is something every affiliate marketing start-up is aware of. But what needs to be done aesthetically here is to write posts that help you sell your products, without you looking like a sell-out. Do not be overly promotional or sale-focused. Try penning updates and statuses that sticks out in the mind of the consumer, helping you to create conversations.

Be smart and on-point about using Facebook ads:

Initiate by running sidebar ads, especially to the target audience who is interested in the product specifically. This also works best when you target product ads to specific groups or communities who are your real targeted fans. Along with this, running news feed ads promoting incentivized offer in exchange of being a subscriber to your blog or mailing list is also a great form of conversion. 

So is the idea of running ads to promote a landing page for your mailing list.

Cultivate like-minded groups and communities:

Creating specific niches of communities and then targeting products is the best way to go. Creating real value by creating quality free digital products and information that appeals to a wide variety of niche and communities is the way to go. You can also make use of pay per lead affiliate programs of LedNetwork, which provides affiliate marketing solutions, converting your traffic into income.

Network with influencers to grow your website:

Influencer marketing is the ‘it’ thing of today’s digital world and that is why finding other affiliate marketers in connected niches and reaching out for partnership is a must. Discussing your product further on an influencer’s page must be done, especially when they mention it. All this will help you to be featured/pinned in the top comments section of high profile influencers.

Grow your mailing list via Facebook:

Building a mailing list is one of the most failproof ways of launching other website and making yourself independent from reliance on paid ads. Instead of buying a mailing list, it is always recommended to have an existing list from another business and adding it to your new list. Present your users with free content, such as in-depth usage guide of your product for people to come and sign up on your list.

To End On

This will all take time & planning. Nothing will happen overnight. If you take your time, give useful information to your potential customer then your marketing will flourish over time.

Paul Gordon (author)

Freelance SEO Expert, with over 15 years experience in digital marketing.

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  1. Agreed. Social media now-a days become a great platform for generating leads. Facebook ads in again another great way. Tips shared here are really helpful. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks your share – you are an affiliate marketer you cannot have the same mindset as people had a few years ago.

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