June 1, 2017 / Content Marketing

Google’s ever changing algorithm is constantly forcing businesses to reassess their online marketing strategies. Websites with poor content and unsavory linking practices will often be punished and lose visibility within the search results. This can lead to a phenomenal drop in traffic and business.

When developing a content marketing strategy you can’t afford to take any shortcuts. Whether you’re writing a guest post, press release, or even on-page sales content, quality should always be your main priority.

These tips – compiled by Absolute Digital Media – will explain exactly what a decent content marketing plan should entail.

Blog Frequently, but Not Too Frequently

Google loves fresh content; however, there’s absolutely no need to blog every other day. Rather than writing multiple half-decent blog posts each week, concentrate on writing one excellent blog post that delves into your topic on a much deeper level.

Don’t focus on word counts, keyword density or anything that will hinder the readability of the piece. If it’s a good article with a focused topic there will be little need for optimization. In addition, blog only when you have something to say. Too much blogging can actually cause a loss of readership.

Consider Curating Content If It’s Truly Outstanding

Don’t mistake content curation for plagiarism. As long as you clearly credit your sources and give them some link juice you’re not breaking any rules. However, don’t solely rely on curation, otherwise your website will get penalized. Only curate content if you come across something from a reputable source that’s genuinely outstanding. Fundamentally, good content marketing is about providing your readers with the best possible information, regardless of where it comes from.

Only Guest Post on Highly Relevant Blogs

Guest posting is one of the best ways to acquire backlinks and can significantly boost your website rankings; however, quality should always take precedence over quantity. When you guest post make sure that you only target highly relevant blogs. For example, if you run a clothing store having a backlink from a technology blog would provide very little link juice. However, if the same link was from a fashion website it would be more important in the eyes of Google.

Interact with Your Readers Using Social Networks

This is something that we, at Absolute Digital Media, always encourage our clients to do. Social interaction is without a doubt one of the most overlooked elements of any content marketing plan. Use your social networks to establish a community around your niche and build a reputation as a thought leader. Answer questions, post updates, announce special offers and try to engage with your readers. Work on accumulating social media followers and don’t be afraid to buy Instagram likes – this platform in particular boasts extremely high engagement rates. At least one third of your content marketing schedule should be dedicated to communicating. Remember, it’s called “social” networking for a reason.

At Absolute Digital Media we believe that a content marketing plan should always be as varied as possible. So whether you’re looking to broaden your readership or boost your website rankings, use all of these techniques when developing your content marketing strategy. Get it right from the start and it won’t take long for the search engines to reward your efforts.

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