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Choosing a domain name is an important step in establishing your business’s presence online. With the right domain name, you have the opportunity to tell your consumers in a short, concise manner who your brand is and why you stand out. Because it can be a first impression for many potential customers, be sure to keep these best practices in mind when first setting up your website:

  1. Get creative with your keywords – but don’t overdo it with a domain that could be considered too keyword rich. While at one time, keyword-stuffing domain names was done fairly often, doing so now can send red flags to search engines and limit your visibility when being searched. Try to have only the 1 keyword most relevant to your business in your domain name. For example, if you own a coffee shop, you may want your URL to focus on a specific product. Choosing would be a stronger choice than
  2. is king. It is critical to purchase your domain as a .com, as it is the go-to TLD (top-level domain) on the internet. Be sure to keep in mind – it is okay purchase from other TLDs, too. By purchasing your domain additionally at .biz, .net, or .info, you can eliminate the chances of competitors or copycats trying to develop a site imitating yours and giving out false information.
  3. Do your research – make sure that no one else has registered under your name or that what you want to use is copyrighted, which you can check through WhoIs. In addition to your main website, it might help to also buy domains that might be common misspellings of your brand. That way, when someone types in the URL to your business but maybe forgets a letter, you can have the misspelled domain you have already purchased redirect right to your actual homepage.
  4. It is important to remember to stay away from phrases that are currently popular, so as to avoid headaches in the future. Certain phrases that we use today can become irrelevant in the future. To avoid needing to alter anything to constantly stay relevant, keep your keywords pertaining to your brand and what you offer.
  5. Stay short, sweet, and to the point. Be sure to avoid hyphens and numbers in your domain if possible. People attempting to visit your site directly, opposed to looking in a search engine, may not remember the specifics of your domain, and may not get to you quickly when they want to visit.

Choosing the right domain is a crucial point in getting your brand’s name out there in this increasingly online world. Do you have any bonus tips? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Call your business what it is., etc. Take advantage of the natural ranking boost in ensuring your business and domain names naturally describes the services you supply.

  2. Nice post. Thanks for the guidelines. Domain really matters a lot. Domain name is the first thing which gives idea of about what is the website to the user. Thanks for sharing.

  3. The right suggestions when choosing to buy domain name, thanks

  4. Nice tips. I am completely agree with all your tips and would like to suggest everyone to read this blog at least once before buying a domain. Proper research is always necessary and always remember do not use hyphens, numbers and don’t make spell or typo mistakes in your domain name. Make it short and make it memorable. Thanks for sharing this.

  5. Thank you for the tips about how to pick out a domain name. I really liked your tip about doing some research about the name you want. It would be important to check and see if there is another business with the name you want. I will have to keep that in mind when I go to make my website.

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