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Being an entrepreneur or a marketing agency, there is alway’s a case of managing lots of different things, especially when you first start and are working by yourself or with a small team.

Everyone knows what an internet presence is essential and that there are ways to get your website ahead of your competition – known as search engine optimisation or SEO.

But what are the four most important principles that entrepreneurs need to know about from the beginning?

On-site versus off-site SEO

Two of the main elements of SEO are called on-site and off-site. The former takes place on your website while the latter involves off-site elements that can drive traffic and increase the authority of the site. Balancing these two factors is the first significant step towards improving the traffic to your website.

On-site SEO involves concepts such as keywords and key phrases as well as the tags and descriptions within site; here I am referring to the basic such as meta information. An onsite content strategy is essential too, focus on every piece of content including blog posts, web page, have a plan, and your site will greatly benefit from this.

You can research the best keywords to use while other times; they explain themselves by the nature of the content. Also, depending if you are running a Magento e-commerce or a simple WordPress website, you will have to tend to many elements of technical onsite SEO factors to fix or correct.

Off-site is focused in essence on the backlink profile of your website. Gaining links from authority, trusted sites, to your site will help to boost the website trust and authority. Social signals enhance this, from all the major social channels such as Twitter and Facebook – but beware of buying links and fast results SEO; it will cause more harm than good, just don’t do it.

When building links always think consistency, quality and niche related, and build these over an extended period. Lastly, make sure initially, you are strengthening your brand name, not the terms you want to rank on the first page for.

White hat versus black hat

Two other terms you will hear around SEO are white hat and black hat – legitimate and not so much would be another way of looking at it. Get caught using black hat techniques, and you can be black listed by search engines, and you definitely won’t get traffic, well not for the long term.

Techniques considered black hat include keyword stuffing, invisible text and the Russian SAPE network.

White hat techniques are the best and only ways to increase your SEO trust rating and general organic & referral traffic. These include building good links to reputable sites, writing good content that considers the reader.

When building any links always refer to, check out the trust flow score of the domain name and make sure you have a score of at least 10.

Think about your audience

At one time, website content was written as much for search engines as for people, but Google now rates everything on the quality of the content, not how many times a keyword is mentioned. Therefore, researching topics that are relevant to your business and provide information for potential customers is key to gaining a successful SEO profile. You can use keyword planning tools such as Google Keyword Planner, SEM Rush or Ahref new keyword suggestion tool to help gain ideas and inspiration.

Use analytics

According to Start Marketing Group, the best way to know what works and what doesn’t in your SEO strategy is to track the results, and the best way to do this is through analytics software. There are free versions available through Google as well as more complicated suites that can handle a variety of other topics including sales and email signups to a more detailed degree.

Paul Gordon (author)

Freelance SEO Expert, with over 15 years experience in digital marketing. And for a b2b marketing, I recommend Agency Inc.

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