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Having your local business appear in search results is essential if you are looking to grow your business. There are many ways to reach customers searching for your business’ specialty without being an SEO or paid search expert. Here are five ways to help you get started:


1 – Establish a Google My Business Listing

Establishing your company or services on Google My Business is crucial for SEO. When a user performs a search related to your business, your information will appear on the right side of their search, helping potential customers quickly locate information they may need. Having this feature will help potential customers not only find you, but learn your essentials – address, directions, contact info, online reviews. You will also appear in local map listings – so if someone searches for what your service is followed by your location, you will be one of the results to pop up.


2 – Use Local Ad Extensions

Using local ad extensions, potential customers will be provided with helpful information about your business, products or services before they even visit your website. Ad extensions are links underneath the text of your ad linking to pages on your website that would be most relevant to someone looking to learn more about you. For example, if you own a restaurant, you may want your ad extensions to include a menu or upcoming events. Ad extensions often improve your ad’s visibility and clickthrough rate, as they encourage potential customers to interact with your ad and visit your site.


3 – Ask for Reviews, Testimonials and Local Media/Press Coverage

Help potential customers see what they can expect before making a purchase from your business by displaying testimonials. It certainly helps a business to have a few positive testimonials on its page, as well as on blogs and other forms of social media, so that based on others’ feedback, customers can be assured they will have a positive experience. Having local media write press releases on your business – whether you are just getting started or looking to grow – will demonstrate that you are active in your community and will encourage locals to engage, too.

Additionally, having more people linking to your site and mentioning your business name on their blogs will strengthen your SEO presence and build up your chances of being closer to the top of search results pages.


4 – Establish Local Listings

Being a part of the local listings on directory sites like Yelp or Foursquare makes it much easier for potential customers to locate you since you are listed on places search engines trust. You can also be reaching people who may not have found you using Google, whether it is because they are using AdBlock or because they solely rely on these directory sites to find what they want. Because these sites have a vast audience and use specific keywords and categories for each business, you have a fairly high chance of getting the attention of customers who already have something specific in mind.


5 – Create Social Profiles & Engage with Customers

Creating any social profile will raise awareness about your brand or company and show the world what is unique about you. This gives you the opportunity to show what your staff is up to, showcase new products, deals, or upcoming events, and perhaps most important – engage with your customers. By answering their questions or giving them a place to interact with your business, you are showing them the people behind the product – that you are a business they can trust, and in turn they will become loyal customers.


With these resources, you can help your company find its way on the path to SEO success. Share with us your tips for local SEO in the comment section below!


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  1. Excellent tips for local seo optimization. If possible please share more website for the increase traffic with local seo. Good work.

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    The important of the Local SEO is growing fast and this is exacly what needs to be done.

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  5. It’s was a good and informative tips, every seo person need to know these ticks
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  6. Easy to foloow tips that are the basic steps to a well executed SEO campaign. I have found that connecting with the Chamber of Commerce provides an excellent local link and helps local businesses connect. Google My Business is an excellent resource. make sure you complete all fields and add as many relnevant pictures and videos of your business. Thanks for the post.

  7. Interesting and these are the basic things to follow …thanks for the post

  8. These are very good techniques for local businesses.

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  9. One additional step after establishing a local Google My Business listing is to make sure that ALL citations created to this business have a consistent NAP (name, address, phone number). When it comes to ranking in the map pack, that’s one of the most critical factors that decide your placement.

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