The goal of a search marketer is to generate effective results and ultimately drive profit in a timely manner. But how can this be done with the least amount of problems? It helps if you start with the right tools!

Here are 3 of the many paid search tools to help you get off the ground, and get the job done every step along the way!

1. Initial Research:

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is a free keyword research tool designed specifically with search marketing in mind. It can help you make informative decisions about which keywords work best for what businesses, in turn giving you a fresh start to building out search campaigns. Google Keyword Planner helps quickly identify search volume and historical statistics of relevant keywords, helping guide your decision on which bids and budgets to set for specific keywords.

2. Building Out Campaigns:

AdWords Editor and Bing Ads Editor

AdWords and Bing Editor Tools let search marketers import and export their campaigns quickly in order to make changes, compared to other products that require you to work directly inside the platform to make changes. Another benefit to using these intuitive editors is the ability to work offline. You might be on a trip without access to the internet – with AdWords Editor/Bing Ads Editor you can make changes to your campaigns helping you make the most of your time. Search marketers also benefit by making bulk editing fixes to ads, keywords, bids, and moving items across ad groups and campaigns.

3. Management:

Bid Management Software

Bid Management Software is a great way for brands and agencies to measure, manage and optimize their ad spending. Through these platforms, search marketers have the ability to scale programs across multiple publishers, reach current and potential customers across multiple device platforms and manage daily workflow. They save time by automating campaigns and managing them all in one simple place.  They also provide predictive insight into your paid search performance, giving you constant information for improved performance. Some bid management software tools you can explore are: Marin Software, IgnitionOne, and Kenshoo.


You now have the knowledge that there are tools out there to help you to generate effective results! Are there other tools out there you prefer? Share your thoughts with us!

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