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Andrew Foster, Owner / Head of Accounts at Foster Ideas

Hangout Intro:
Hangout Topic: E-Commerce

Hangout Date: 6/28/16


Moderator: Chris Boggs, Member, SEMPO Education Committee
Richard Chavez, Vice President, Professional Services at seoClarity
Bill Leake, CEO, Apogee Results
Neeraja Koneru, Accelerate Account Manager, 3Q Digital

Top Takeaways:

Fundamental SEO practices are still important for success in ecommerce. Etailers should prioritize a strong technical SEO foundation above content marketing.

A seldom used area of opportunity for SEO is long-form reviews on the company as a whole. In addition to leveraging third parties like BazaarVoice, and email consumers to get product-specific reviews, companies should solicit long-form reviews on Yelp, Google My Business, etc.

Discussion Points:

Is there a one-sized-fits-all when it comes to setting up ecommerce for success in SEO/organic search?

• Fundamental SEO practices are still important for success in ecommerce. This includes defining your critical list of SEO requirements (friendly URL structure, redirects from old platforms to new, rich media schema, etc.). Technical SEO foundation is increasingly important as the number of SKUs (products) increases and, in any case, should be prioritized above content marketing.


What are the core components of a successful product feed?

• Product titles are critical for a successful product feed. Product titles must both match the user’s query and be an enticing call to action (e.g. “lifetime warranty”).

• If you’re already running search campaigns, look at historical search queries for inspiration – they can give you good ideas for product titles.

• Reviews are important for “social proof”. Product reviews should be visible within the ad unit.


How do you drive more customer reviews?

• Incentivizing users and contacting them via email to review the specific products they’ve purchased is common. Ask for feedback, not just for the next sale.

• You want users to leave reviews on the product themselves, but also on the overall brand experience. Third party reviews from companies like BazaarVoice can help with SEO as well.

• If you can find customers to give a longer testimonial, it helps with credibility and SEO. Other reviews about the company as a whole on Yelp, Google My Business, etc. help as well.

• Reviews can help to further segment customers to create audiences and remarketing lists as well.


What kind of content marketing should we consider for ecommerce?

• Content typically falls into one of three buckets: Product (unique images, video, text content), Category, and Company (comparing different companies).

• Define what your customer journey is and determine what types of content is needed. Content that bridges the journey from consideration to purchase is the most important. We can look at search data to determine what types of content users are asking for.


What percentage of your budget would you allocate to remarketing?

• Typically 20% of ad spend budget would be a good test budget for remarketing. But it depends on several variables including user experience and product vertical. Ultimately, it’s important to make data-driven decisions on what’s converting.

• Type of remarketing is important to consider. For example, incorporating remarketing with email marketing or including dynamic product remarketing can help to close gaps between desperate marketing tactics.


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