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Andrew Foster

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The Art of Remarketing

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Industry Experts:

  • Carrie Albright: Associate Director of Services for Hanapin Marketing
  • Chris Hoag:  Senior AM Bing Ads
  • Lisa Raehsler:  Co-founder of Big Click Company
  • Moderator: Steve Plunkett:  SEMPO Education Committee Member, Sr. Search Scientist at Rockfish
  • Chair: Justin Fuchs, Chair, SEMPO Education Committee

Top Takeaways:

  • – Remarketing is an effective tool, provided advertisers follow best practices. Speak to the consumer subtly, use frequency settings, and craft audiences based on customer segmentation, sales cycle, and seasonality.
  • – To get started with remarketing, get the tracking pixels/code on your site today! While you’re gathering data, put together a strategy and determine next steps.

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What is remarketing?

  • – An effective method to target consumers that have interacted with your brand in order to continue the relationship using various forms of online advertising.
  • – An effective conversion tool provided advertisers are following best practices. For example, if remarketing ads are perceived as “a marketing tactic that hurts brands” that can be adjusted in “frequency settings”. Remarketing is also an effective tool for further customer segmentation and upselling.
  • – Remarketing enables advertisers to gather and analyze demographic data to segment consumers into different categories.

Do more consumers convert on their first visit or subsequent visits?

[Tweet “95% of the time returning visitors make not only more purchases — more efficient purchases — but also higher value purchases. —Carrie Albright @albright_c”]

What’s the best way to determine a cookie length?

It depends on the industry and the sales cycle. Typically, advertisers can start with a 90 day length and look at analytics to determine the sales cycle and refine based on the information gathered. Seasonality can also affect the sales cycle.

Tiering the duration of the cookies (multiple audience lists with different cookie lengths) can help to refine remarketing strategy.

Remarketing Do’s and Don’ts:

  • – Do speak subtly to the consumer to avoid looking creepy.
  • – Don’t simply use one ad for the entire remarketing list.
  • – If you’re doing lead generation, be sure to exclude users who have already converted.

Advantages of Bing Ads remarketing tools:

  • – UET pixel functions like Google Analytics to track actions across the entire site.
  • – Ability to share lists across accounts (including different domains) in one customer shell.
  • – Remarketing on the Bing Ads shopping platform.

How can businesses get started in remarketing?

  • – Get the pixels/code on the site and start segmenting the audiences. While you’re gathering data, put together a strategy and determine next steps.
  • – Include display advertising to connect with new visitors and build audience lists.
  • – Determine best marketing strategy that aligns with company goals.

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