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Your website design is incredible, you content is stellar, and you have high-quality products. Not to mention your website is super easy to navigate and the pages load quickly. Overall, you have a great website, and with the right marketing strategies, you’re getting traffic to your site.

But, you also notice that a good number of visitors are coming and leaving your website without taking a specific action. It’s as if one minute they’re on your site and the next, poof! They’re gone. While you get traffic to your site, visitors are not completing your desired action.

Although this can be disappointing, the great news is that there’s still a chance to recover those visitors:  remarketing.

What is remarketing?

Remarketing is a creative way to reach out to previous website visitors who didn’t convert or didn’t complete an anticipated action. Or maybe they did do something, and you want to follow up.

Remarketing helps you reconnect with visitors by positioning targeted ads in front of your audience when they browse the Internet, use their mobile apps, or search on Google. The right remarketing ad will bring those visitors back to your site, and encourage them to take the action you are seeking.

Remarketing can be extremely powerful. If you’re looking to reach past visitors and convert them into customers, take a look at these tips to help you successfully and effectively do so:

Understand your audience

This is your second chance to engage visitors. Take the time to define your audience since understanding who comes to your site is key to delivering relevant and compelling content that will interest them.

Determine what you are trying to accomplish

After you define your audience, consider what actions you want them to take. For example, are you looking to drive conversions and encourage people to sign up, or are you looking to promote brand awareness? Make sure you know your goals, and structure your desired campaign based on these goals.

Remarket with creativity

These visitors have already been to your website, so you have to be creative in getting them back to your website and converting them into customers. A few great ways to do this:

  • Focus on specific items or services
  • Offer coupons
  • Promote sales
  • Display eye-catching images
  • Display personalized information, such as quotes

Test and evaluate your campaigns

Ongoing evaluation and testing is essential for a successful campaign. Don’t just launch your campaign in hopes that it will be successful. Constantly monitor traffic and engagement to measure its success. This will help you determine tweaks and changes you can make to achieve your end results.

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