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By: Eric Hammis, Digital Marketing Specialist, 3Sixty Interactive

When you stand back and look at your marketing funnel, there’s many components that work together to create an entire system. Within that system, there are strategies that encompass all components and help them work as one fluid marketing plan. One of those strategies is marketing automation. This strategy takes your tools and marketing content and helps them work together to create one seamless marketing funnel. Let’s take a quick look at how marketing automation works.

Marketing Automation Is Much More Than Email Marketing

Marketing automation is often labeled as email marketing’s big brother. However, marketing automation goes well beyond that of email. It allows you to be proactive with your new leads by profiling each individual lead. Profiling helps you understand your leads beyond that of an email and a name. You want to find out more, like their company name and what they do in order to create relevant content.

When creating content, it needs to be relevant to each individual. In order to create content for each individual, you need a thorough understanding of your leads. Marketing automation not only provides you with information about your leads, but it also shows you where each individual lead is located within the buy cycle. If you’ve got a lead who is just entering the buy cycle on product A and another lead who is near the end of the buy cycle for product B, they should be receiving different content that is relevant to their profile.

Nurture Those LeadsSales Lead Nurturing

Leads enjoy nothing more than being catered to. A recent study shows that by utilizing lead nurturing in your overall marketing funnel, companies have created 50% more sales leads at 33% lower cost and a 20% increase in sales opportunities. So when you’re creating content, you best be creating it with the goal of nurturing your leads. Lead nurturing is meant to target those visitors to your site who aren’t quite ready to buy yet and need a little nudge.

So how do you know which content to deliver?

It depends on where the lead is located in your marketing funnel and what they are viewing on your site. Based on their location in the buy cycle and what they are viewing, you need to send relevant content to that individual. A simple email with more information on what they viewed is an example of relevant content.

Marketing automation is also great for brand awareness. Not everyone is going to be buy-ready when they come to your site. Perhaps they are just trying to find information on your site or more about your company. In this instance, you’ll want to send content that to this individual that builds trust and positive brand awareness.

How To Measure The ROI Of Your Marketing Automation

ROIYou obviously want to know it your marketing automation is paying off. Here’s some strategies to get a clear picture of how things are running.

Leads Generated

Your leads are the fuel that runs your strategy, therefore, you have to attract quality leads. Take a look at the bounce rate and time spent on your site to determine whether or not you’re attracting quality leads to your site. If you’re not, then it’s a sure sign that you need to change up your content marketing and marketing automation plan.

Content Interaction

A heavy majority of the ROI of your marketing automation campaign is going to depend on the content you create. Without relevant, high-quality content, your marketing automation will never get off the ground. A great way of measuring your content marketing is by looking at the interactions between your leads and your content. Are your leads spending a fair amount of time on your site and interacting with your content by clicking on links and resources, or are they bouncing quickly?

What’s The Ultimate Goal With Marketing Automation?

Content marketing is constantly changing, and the use of marketing automation seems to be the next big thing. When it boils down to it, it’s about converting a lead into a conversion. By creating a successful marketing automation campaign, you’re helping your leads make their way down your sales funnel by creating relevant, high-quality content.

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