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Recapped by:
Avner Pinchover

Hangout Intro:

  • Hangout Topic:
    • All About Branding
  • Hangout Date:
    • 12/15/2015
  • Participants:
    • Francine Carb – President and CEO of Markitects, Inc
    • Mel Carson – Founder of Delightful Communication
  • Panel:
    • Dana Todd – Co-chair, SEMPO Education Committee (Moderator)
    • Justin Fuchs – Co-chair, SEMPO Education Committee
    • Simon Heseltine – VP Education, SEMPO
    • Brooke Weldon – Program Manager, SEMPO
    • Francine: Two personas who aren’t schooled in branding:

Top Takeaways:

Francine: Two personas who aren’t schooled in branding:

  1. “The Inventor”: Doesn’t understand why branding is important, focus on that the uniqueness of their product
  2. “The Manager”: Doesn’t understand why their unknown brand doesn’t get instant recognition

Mel: [Tweet “If you want to shake a team to drive it into a branding process, show them what the competition is doing -@MelCarson”]

Mel: Following Seth Godin, I look at branding as the total experience the customer has through the buying process

Mel: According to Nielsen only 15% of people believe in brand communications vs. 90% who believe friends, family recommendations  [link] >> Think about personal branding, influencer marketing, employee advocacy. Personal Branding of interesting company figures is worthwhile not only for them, but also for the company, giving people more trust in it. E.g. Dollar Shave Club CEO, Microsoft MVPs

Francine: Monitoring competition – [Tweet “The frequency of brand communication that competitors do is much higher in digital, so have Google Alerts on all of them —Francine Carb @fcarbmarkitects”]

Francine: Create a voice of customer through market segmentation >> build personas, then you can understand who’s involved in the value chain and how can you influence them. That is #1, visual aspects of branding only #2.

Francine: Brand measurement metrics relevant for the digital age: website visits and their quality, open rates of emails. Mel: If it’s brick-and-mortar, just ask people. Dana: Surveys, besides of getting feedback, can also serve as a place for people to complain, that can reduce negative reviews.

Francine: B2B branding efforts cannot rely solely on digital, they have to include trade shows etc. In digital: articles published in LinkedIn by most-followed personalities.

Francine: The best way to brand digitally is through video stories, since storytelling is as old as humanity and that’s our basic way of communication. Add these also to press releases.

Mel: In SEM, bidding on your own brand terms and competitor terms, that increases your share of voice. It also can create earned media.

Francine: Send emails from addresses of real salespeople (via CRM), they get read as much as 10X more than if sent from a generic company address (e.g. info@example.com).

Mel: Influencer Marketing campaigns: try to make it mutual, so the influencer can benefit from building his brand parallel to building yours for  you.

Notable Quotes, Social Activity, Images and/or Discussion Points:

[Tweet “A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another —Seth Godin @ThisIsSethsBlog”]

[Tweet “92% of consumers around the world say they trust earned media, such as recommendations from friends and family, above all other forms of advertising” —Nielsen 2012 Global Trust in Advertising Report @Nielson”]
Nielsen 2012 Global Trust in Advertising report

[Tweet “We’re gonna step away from the algorithm and really start to look at how can we take digital to physical and physical to digital —Mark Cuban @mcuban”]

“While digital is critical, digital extended into experiential is even more important”
—Mark Cuban, Dallas Digital Summit 2015

[Tweet ““Content marketing only works when you have voice of customer and you know what your segments are —Francine Carb @fcarbmarkitects”]

“Ask people. Sometimes digital can lie and not give you the full truth. People give you qualitative insights. But make sure you act on it, because then people really become vested and invested in your brand because they feel like they’ve helped shape it.”
—Mel Carson, Delightful Communications

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