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When it comes to your career, one question you always need to be asking yourself is what your monetary worth is. Am I making enough for the work that I do? Should I ask for a raise? How do I measure up against the rest of the competition? If you’re an employer, you should be considering multiple things – are your employees earning a salary that reflects their day-to-day responsibilities? Are they an invaluable asset to the company, and should I pay them more to convince them to stay? These questions happen on a daily basis, all over the world, in every job industry.  SEMPO’s 2015 Search Marketing Salary Survey offers more information on how to accurately measure what you should be earning, but here are some additional tips on how you can make a proper estimate:

Do Your Research:

A great way to get a salary range for your job is to consult websites that will give you a ballpark estimate. Some websites to look into are: Glassdoor, Salary.com, Payscale , Indeed, Livecareer or The US Bureau of Labor Statistics.  For a more hands-on approach, you could search LinkedIn to find a recruiter you may be connected to who is familiar with your industry and could give you honest feedback.


Ask Yourself Some Questions: 

Most job roles require a Bachelor’s degree and previous job experience relevant to the position.  Do you meet the minimum requirements?  High levels of education and experience in the industry can help boost your salary significantly, but are not the only accomplishment employers look for when determining a salary range. Are you flourishing in your current position? Are you proving day in and day out that you can tackle the tasks you are assigned, and then some? Have you won any awards or certifications since you first started? Salary corresponds to your worth in a company. If you have any awards or certifications under your belt, you can use them as leverage when negotiating a salary or asking for a raise. It shows you will benefit your company even more.


 Additional points that will increase your value:

Are you regarded as a leader within your industry? The greater your reputation within your field as someone who is innovative and successful, the more your company should want to keep you around. Do people come to you for advice on the industry? Do you stay up-to-date on recent changes in the industry’s landscape? Have you been featured as a guest speaker in any events, webinars, Google Hangouts or podcasts? Being regarded as someone knowledgeable enough to share information with an audience is an excellent feat that not everyone can master.


Certifications to advance your career:

  • Hootsuite Certified Professional– online tutorials help build an understanding how Hootsuite and other social media platforms operate for business, certified by passing an exam
  • Google Analytics Certification – individuals can take a free Google Analytics IQ exam that will certify that they understand the fundamentals of digital analytics and Google Analytics
  • Moz– helps users determine what keywords to use and how to build traffic to make sites friendly to search engines
  • SEOCertification.org – users take courses to help themselves better understand SEO; after courses certified users will have quarterly training updates, discounts on products and services, access to SEO tools, and be included in a Members Database.


Trainings to strengthen your knowledge:

  • Hootsuite University – before or after completing the Hootsuite Certified exam, you can explore the University page and watch various tutorials about social media for business
  • Online Marketing Institute (OMI) – learn advanced SEO training and website optimization best practices geared specifically toward marketing and internet professionals seeking to expand their organic presence, quality scores, and relevant traffic
  • Brick Marketing – learn the basics of white hat SEO, looking in-depth at onsite SEO and link building; incorporate elements of social media marketing and content marketing into SEO
  • MarketingProfs University (MPU) – training offered in disciplines that contribute to integrated digital marketing; SEMPO members get $200 off the regular rate of $595 for a course
  • ClickMinded – 6-hour online class that teaches attendees how search engine optimization works, and will later give eligibility to earn ClickMinded SEO Certification

Understand Your Location:

Your location is also a factor in determining how much your company can afford to pay you.  Because jobs in cities tend to pay more than those in small towns, you should be aware of regional salary differences.

Consult SEMPO’s 2015 Search Marketer Salary Survey to help you assess the current state of compensation of search marketing professionals in relation to region, experience and responsibility. This report will supply with you with information on industry salaries and responsibilities that will in turn help you determine your worth.

Make sure to also check out our Search Careers and Compensation Google Hangout on January 19th, 2016 at 2:00 pm, for information on the updated Search Marketer Salary Survey!

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