November 2, 2015 / SEMPO Updates


You can stop holding your breath because SEMPO’s 10th annual State of Search Survey results are in and, if you’re a SEMPO member, you can find them here:  If you’re not a SEMPO member or want a quick overview, read on.

As a reminder, our unique approach of surveying and segmenting results for both Marketers and Agencies provides perspectives and insights not easily found in other industry reports.  For example, this year’s findings point to some significant differences between Agencies and Marketers in terms of specialization, use of tools, and perhaps more controversially, levels of compensation.


It won’t come as a surprise that SEO is still an integral part of the digital marketing mix as the below slide shows, though it is worth noting the growing sense of confidence (or competence) in Marketers use of SEO, Paid Search and Social Media Marketing:


It is also interesting to note that Marketers and Agencies combined in their Paid Search assessment that “Yahoo no longer relevant” long before the recent announcement of the “Yahoogle” deal:


There’s plenty more in the report as this year’s survey covered topics ranging from tools to personnel/staffing to ROI and tactical implementation challenges by channel.

We’re looking forward to the discussions that invariably follow the release of the report and are planning a private SEMPO member-only webinar to go over the results in more detail.  If you’re interested in being on the webinar panel representing either agency-side or marketing-side perspectives, please reach out via email to

Not a SEMPO member yet? You can still get a preview of the survey results that we covered in a public hangout conducted Oct 27th:

Of course, the easiest way to get this and future SEMPO research reports is simply to join us:

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