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SEMPO’s September Google Hangout focused on B2B lead generation tactics. The Hangout was hosted by the SEMPO Education Committee. Participants included:

  • -Brian Gregoire, Principal, Internet Consultant WSI Web Marketing Matters
  • -Bill Sterzenbach, Partner, Upward Brand Interactions

The purpose of the SEMPO Hangouts is to empower audiences across the globe with a deeper understanding on complex subjects. Unlike a webinar, the unstructured format, streaming video, and conversational tone provide a sense of shared space with the audience and a more familiar “face” for in-depth technology-based discussions. Below are some of the most important insights from the panel.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Throughout the sales cycle, nurturing leads and lead scoring are both critical though not as much seen in the small to midsize businesses.
  2. Tips for your B2B websites include a very visible phone number on your website, differentiator or bold claim, content continuity, social sharing opportunities, and more technical SEO. Call tracking is critical. A lot of insight can be gained from recording calls.
  3. Facebook can be a useful tool to use to find out about your clients. Traditional advertising on Facebook can work as well as any other marketing channel. Facebook remarketing is one of the latest opportunities that B2B marketers are getting excited about.
  4. B2C is believed to be further along and much more likely to be deep diving into social analytics or lead scoring across different channels in general than B2B.

Panelist Recommended Lead Generation Resources:

  • -Hootsuite
  • -Buffer
  • -ThomasNet
  • -Demand Gen Report
  • -SharpSpring

Notable Quotes:

[Tweet ““If you have (only) seven leads a month, it’s that much more important that you nurture and baby those leads.””]

[Tweet ““Don’t let go… cold can turn to hold then hot so quickly.””]

[Tweet ““Sales is problem solving.””]

SEMPO Google Hangouts:

SEMPO Chats with Industry Experts are developed by SEMPO’s Education Committee to help industry professionals learn about topics and ask questions in an informal setting. Chats are interactive discussions in Q&A format, conducted as a Google Hangout on Air. All hangouts are streamed LIVE on Google+ or on YouTube (pick your preferred site). Please make sure to add SEMPO to your Google+ Circles so that you can be one of our on-camera participants and receive notifications as Chats are planned. We also encourage you to take the conversation on Twitter at #SEMPOchat.

Watch the full Hangout here:

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