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SEMPO is thrilled to partner with Search Engine Land for the inaugural “Landy Awards”! The awards will be presented this fall to deserving paid and organic search engine marketers across a variety of SEM and SEO criteria, split by Small Business and Enterprise-sized categories. One of the best parts of this event is that all proceeds from award submissions will go to charity! From Search Engine Land:

The 2015 Landy Awards will be presented at the SMX After Dark evening reception and all profits generated from sponsors, event participants and entry fees will go to charity… The two non-profit organizations we have chosen to support this year are: Be The Match, a global leader in bone marrow research and donor registry, and a S.T.E.M. / Computer Science non-profit organization also backed by many tech leaders, CODE.

SEMPO will designate a committee to judge the two “Search Marketer of the Year” awards, given to a male and female whose “accomplishments and specific contributions to successful search initiatives and/or research drove measurable business results.”

What Makes a Search Marketer of the Year?

Since this is the first year of the Search Engine Land Awards, this year’s event will be particularly special. Given the prestige that will immediately be associated with the title “Search Marketer of the Year,” the selection process will involve a strict judging of nominees based on their ability to execute SEM and/or SEO initiatives within competitive environments. The winner will have shown fresh insight and/or contributed significant research towards the execution of meaningful best practices in search marketing.

The winners may be leaders or specialists within organizations, agencies, and SEM firms, consultants or trainers from around the globe– essentially anyone involved in SEM/SEO who can relate a meaningful story. Following the lead from other notable organizations that strive to promote equality in the workplace—such as the Google RISE Program, which promotes increased opportunities for females and underrepresented population within the technology sector— there will be one female and one male winner.

We expect submissions for consideration as Search Marketer of the Year to include specific details of accomplishments across many of the following areas:

-Being a leader who has earned that title, having gained the implicit trust of clients and others on his/her own team through demonstration of both subject matter expertise and “soft skills” required to efficiently communicate desired goals and recommended implementations

-Attaining measurable results by today’s analytics standards and as reported against baseline performance and performance goals achieved (this information will remain private as requested, but the more specific examples given, the easier it will be to measure true business value)

-Demonstrating mastery of current accepted Best Practices in SEM and SEO through presentation of strategic planning summary

-Differentiating from the pack with creative ideas that effectively drive real business results rather than those that “sound cool” or “viral”

-Making a positive impact on the SEM/SEO community through innovation and sharing

As we expect a diverse range of expertise and varied metrics as part of each entry application, our judging criteria has not yet been finalized. We welcome direct recommendations within the comments below. Recommendations can also be sent by directly contacting a member of our Board of Directors.

We strongly encourage business owners, agency executives, and managers to submit nominations for key team and/or account leaders who have produced exceptional SEM or SEO results within their organizations or for clients. To learn more, fill out the nomination form for Search Engine Marketer of the Year, or take a look at other Landy Awards categories at Search Engine Land. The entry deadline is JULY 31, 2015. Finalists will be announced September 1, 2015.

The honors will be presented during a ceremony and celebration event at SMX East in New York City.

Awards Celebration Details:

When: SEPTEMBER 30, 2015 // 8-11pm

Where: SMX East After Dark Event (BB King’s Times Square, NYC)

What: Opening Cocktails, Hors d’Oeuvres, Awards Ceremony, + 2 Hours of Live Entertainment!

Who: The Search Marketing Community + YOU!

Tickets for this event are available for purchase now for $75** when registering for an All Access Pass or Expo+ Pass to SMX East (FREE, with pre-registration).

*The nominee does not have to be a current member of the SEMPO organization.

**ALL Profits from entry fees, tickets sold to the awards celebration and sponsorships will be donated to the charities selected.

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