May 6, 2015 / #SEMPOchat, Social Media

This month’s Google Hangout on April 21, 2015 focused on Social Tools. The Hangout was hosted by Education Committee chairs Dana Todd and Justin Fuchs, and moderated by Education Committee member Beth Kahlich. Participants included:

– Sam Hollingsworth of Acronym
– David Duncan of WSI
– Travis Bernard of TechCrunch
– Dan Madden of Kenshoo
– Dennis Yu of BlitzMetrics

The purpose of the SEMPO Hangouts is to inform a larger audience in a casual, conversational mode. Unlike a webinar, the unstructured format and streaming video provides a sense of shared space with the audience and a more familiar “face” for technology discussions. Below are some of the most important insights from the panel.

Key Takeaways

1. Small and medium sized businesses can get lost in the background noise of social media. Early priorities should be finding and using tools to cut through the noise, organizing audiences into lists, and understanding their messages in a meaningful way. Advertisers need to determine which content to deliver to which users.

2. For amplification, it is still best practice to use native tools such as business manager on Facebook. Native tools should also be used as a starting point before moving to other tools.

3. There are a variety of tools appropriate for various businesses and their goals. Whether you need scheduling tools, listening tools, or amplification tools, consider your goals before making choices.

4. Paid social media platforms, such as Facebook, have recently provided more tools and better capability for direct response marketing. For example, Facebook allows third party pixels as well as having their own pixels for remarketing.

5. Organic reach in social is dropping in favor of paid reach. There is a lot of value in “enhancing” organic efforts with paid advertising.

6. It can be easier to prove ROI with paid rather than organic social efforts. No matter which search marketing method or platform you choose, however, it is paramount to keep goals in mind.

Recommended Social Tools (Mostly Free!)

Preferred Starting Tools:

– HootSuite
– Facebook Business Manager

Listening Tools:

– Radian6
– Meltwater
– Twitter’s Search Feature
– Social Mention

Competitive Analysis Tools:

– Rival IQ (paid tool)
– Social Rank


– SocialBro
– Feedly
– Pocket
– Evernote
– DrumUp
– IceRocket
– Addictomatic


Notable Quotes

[Tweet ““…at the end of the day, it comes back to: [tools] are only useful in the context of the goals” – Travis Bernard @travisbernard “]

[Tweet ““If you’re going to use any kind of amplification tool, then you are going to have to run natively (for now). -Dennis Yu @dennisyu”]

[Tweet ““You’ve got to identify your audience very specifically and be where they are going to be.” –David Duncan @djduncan”]

[Tweet ““When you support [campaigns] with some paid advertising, the organic reach does get enhanced” –Sam Hollingsworth @searchmastergen”]

[Tweet ““Understanding the analytics inside of the platforms really sets you up for the next step” –Sam Hollingsworth @searchmastergen”]

[Tweet ““If you are looking at more of a cross-channel ROI, that’s when (third party) tools come in.” –Dan Madden @maddening”]


Coming Up

Join us for the next SEMPO Hangout on Tuesday, May 19 to hear all about local search! You can join the conversation by Tweeting questions and comments using the hashtag #SEMPOChat.

And for information about all upcoming events, be sure to check the SEMPO Community Calendar!

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