158997850Introducing “SEMPO Cities”

SEMPO is excited to announce a new initiative – SEMPO Cities!

SEMPO Cities is designed to deliver improved benefits to members at the local level. The program replaces the previously informal SEMPO Local Groups and offers standardized support for local community events. In addition, October will become “SEMPO Cities Month” with a focus on local events, all supported by SEMPO sponsorship.

Features of SEMPO Cities include:

-Centralized, unified marketing to build higher recognition for grassroots activity

-Standardized approach to member education, through shared resources

-Pre- and post-event toolkits for local leaders with content suggestions, best practices, branding materials, and more

-Monthly City leadership calls to continuously better local efforts

-Distribution of materials membership-wide after local events

-Eased fundraising efforts for local leaders via central support

Interested in getting involved with SEMPO Cities? Nominate yourself as a candidate for 2015 SEMPO Cities leadership in your local area by May 8.

For more information on SEMPO Cities, join SEMPO on April 22 for a webinar to introduce the SEMPO Cities program. The webinar is open to members and non-members who are interested in being a SEMPO Cities Leader or Organizer (acts as a local committee representative). Global SEMPO Cities sponsorship opportunities are also available.

The SEMPO Cities initiative will also be highlighted during October 2015, SEMPO Cities Month, when all city groups will promote and execute local events simultaneously. Keep an eye out for SEMPO’s first global in-person event, the SEMPO Member Forum, which will take place in the spring of 2016. City Leaders and Organizers will be important contributors to the agenda for this event.

Learn more about SEMPO Cities here and remember to register for the upcoming Introduction to SEMPO Cities webinar on April 22.


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