April 23, 2015 / Get to Know SEMPO, SEMPO Updates

SEMPOMembers of the SEMPO community voiced their ideas and we listened! SEMPO is pleased to announce the completion of several website updates that allow for easier access to the things that matter to you. The improved SEMPO.org provides better collaboration across communities and members, quick references to member benefits, and more!

Updated Blog

You may have noticed a new, updated look to the SEMPO blog over the past few weeks. The blog was one of the first areas of SEMPO.org to experience a refresh. In addition to a new design, the updated SEMPO blog includes a place for members to submit original blog posts, answer the monthly poll, and view archived posts.

SEMPO Career Center

A key feature of the upgraded SEMPO website is the enhanced Career Center. Members now have access to highly qualified professional candidates in the Search Marketing industry. Companies and individuals will see benefits to the improved Career Center through a new collaboration with JobTarget, the world’s number one career center service serving over 2,500 job boards utilized by over one million employers and millions of registered job seekers.

Companies can find targeted opportunities in niche markets, create job alerts, and set up pre-screen filters to deliver the best candidates. Postings made to the Career Center go live immediately, allowing companies to fill job openings quickly and efficiently. Corporate and individual members are eligible for complimentary and discounted postings.

Anyone in the industry can post their qualifications to an anonymous resume bank, potentially opening the door for employers and recruiters seeking qualified candidates with specific skill sets. All personal information is kept anonymous until a recruiter reaches out to a potential candidate. Candidates then have the power to choose whether or not to release personal information depending on their interest level in a particular opportunity. The new SEMPO Career Center is the ideal job searching platform for Search Marketing professionals who are actively seeking employment, as well as those simply keeping an eye out for other opportunities.

Buyers Guide

SEMPO will collaborate with YourMembership to establish a buyers guide for industry tools. Companies will be able to reference a range of search industry tools before making purchase decisions. The upcoming buyers guide will also give companies the opportunity to market their own products and tools to potential new clients. The guide will be open to all industry tools and service providers. As an added member value, Corporate Members will receive premium badging and enhancement upgrades. If your organization would like to be included in the guide, please fill out this form.

SEMPO is excited about all the changes taking place to bring members a better-connected and more resourceful community. Be on the lookout for more announcements regarding new SEMPO initiatives. Remember to check out the new Career Center for candidate and employment-seeking opportunities, and keep an eye out for updates on our upcoming tool buyers guide. Learn more about SEMPO membership and benefits here. If you have other suggestions on how to improve the SEMPO website, let us know in the comments or contact us!

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