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Net Neutrality Debate The conversation over Net Neutrality has been highly debated over the past few months, with players in both the public and private sectors weighing in on the idea of Internet regulation. What is the sentiment surrounding the topic within the SEMPO community? We conducted a poll to find out.

Our data indicates 77% of the SEMPO community supports the concept of Net Neutrality, while 17% opposes it. Although polls from other sources indicate a majority of Americans support Net Neutrality as well, it is typically by a much slimmer margin. A recent Google Consumer Survey revealed most people don’t know or care much about the issue. In the survey results, 26.8% support Net Neutrality, and 14.3% oppose it. A full 60% of survey participants declined to specify support or opposition and instead indicated they simply do not know enough about the issue.

The SEMPO community is comprised of digital marketers invested in utilizing the Internet to support their clients, brands, and e-commerce initiatives. As an audience that spends much of its time leveraging the Internet for marketing purposes, it’s not surprising the SEMPO community demonstrated strong support for Net Neutrality in our poll.

Dan Shewan of Wordstream warns of some of the dangers of net neutrality for digital marketers.  He expresses concern over ISPs providing advantageous treatment to media companies that have a “preferential service agreement.”  Smaller businesses may not be able to compete with blogs of bigger companies even if they are offering quality, specialized content. Loading times of landing pages affect quality score rankings, so paid advertisers could also be harmed if bandwidth is restricted on their sites.

Do you have an opinion on the issue of Net Neutrality? Participate in the poll that is still open here on our blog, and/or let us know in the comments.


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