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SEMPO_Blog_Twitter1Why Twitter?

Businesses of all sizes have been slow in realizing the potential of social media marketing. And those who do, fail to understand the reason and benefits of marketing on Twitter. The thing about Twitter is that it is not the average social media site where people sign-up to hang out with friends. Twitter is also about information.

You may not realize this, but many people turn to Twitter for information, so there can be no better place on social media for getting your brand message across. In fact, many potential customers may already be searching Twitter to find you. Do you have something for them?

There are as many as 2 billion searches on Twitter every day, and around 645,750,000 active users. Fortune 500 companies and small businesses have accounts on Twitter to interact with their target audience. Along with this marketing potential, Twitter has introduced many features over the years that can be used by online marketers to boost their brand image.

Marketing in 140 characters?

This is the character limit of a tweet; 140 characters has, in essence, become a term of its own and it was a challenge for marketers to get their point across in the shortest amount of words. In all fairness, they managed to do just that, using relevant keywords, Hashtags, links, and tweeting at the best time as revealed by research. However, now you have more enhanced features that will not only help you cross this character limit but also enable you to incorporate various media elements as well.

Best Twitter Marketing Features:


Twitter Cards

Twitter cards allow you to attach media expressions to Tweets that direct readers to your content. All you need to do is add a few lines of HTML to your website. As a result, every time someone Tweets a link to your content, a card will be added to it that can be viewed by user’s followers. So even if you post a link to your Flickr photo in a Tweet, a card will be created. You can choose between a Summary Card, Photo Card, Gallery Card, App Card, Player Card, and Product Card. Be it price, benefits, or description, everything you need to post about your content can be done using a Twitter card. You can also promote your products using the gallery view and 2 “customizable fields” where further information about the product can be added. Recently, the social network made one more step toward enhanced promoted tweet campaigns by introducing conversion tracking and tailored audiences options.










In the example above,  you can see how East India Tea Company successfully promotes a new post on its blog with the help of Twitter cards. Though the message occupies more space, it also gets more engagement, as it is reflected on number of retweets and favorites.

Custom Timelines

A custom timeline is much like a Twitter list, but here you can choose which Tweets to include in the list. These timelines can be embedded into websites as well. There is a title on top, followed by a 160-character description. New tweets that are added appear at the top of the list. Note that you can only use custom timelines with the TweetDeck app. Once you download the app, you can use timelines to promote your business in several ways. For example, you can have a list of the oldest to the newest products, so that potential customers will be aware of your latest offerings. Secondly, if you use hashtags with your products, you can make a timeline of the best tweets from your customers. The same goes for customer reviews, testimonials, and answers to FAQs.  The information will not only be streamlined, but the presentation will be user-friendly as well.

Tweet Archive

Many users are already aware of this feature where one can download all tweets since day 1 and turn them into an archive. You can use this feature to observe your earlier tweets as well as to see if any improvements need to be made or if some successful formula was used before that you may have forgotten about.

See below how the archive of your tweets will look like if you request it via the Setting tab of your Twitter account.









Trending Topics

As mentioned at the outset, Twitter is all about sharing information, and nothing exemplifies this more than the Trending Topics feature. This feature has been constantly updated, and now there are hundreds of cities around the world on the list to help you discover at a glance what’s trending across the globe. You can also receive more specific trends after you select the country or city you are interested in.  If you are also using the Twitter features discussed so far, then you have access to comprehensive market research about almost any target audience in the world.

Enhanced Photos

You do not have to be a social media marketing expert to realize the compelling and engaging benefits that photo sharing offers. To further augment visual content shared on the website, Twitter teamed up with Aviary to provide iPhone and Android users with special filters and effects. These range from black & white to vintage, which means there are multiple options to choose from. Hence, you can always find filters and effects that help you tweak your pictures in line with your brand image.

As you can see, the feature looks pretty much like the one on Instagram, so the process of enhancing the photos is going to easy and enjoyable.









Negative Keyword Targeting

Keywords, when used properly, can do wonders for your business’s online visibility. When misused, they can repulse both your customers and search engines. So your aim should be to appear in relevant search results instead of spamming users with hashtags that they were not looking for. This is where the Negative Keyword Targeting for Promoted Tweets comes into play. This feature ensures that the search terms you use do not appear in tweets and conversations not related directly to the product itself. For instance, if your product name is Pure Passion, you can ensure that the product doesn’t turn up in search results for either ‘pure’ or ‘passion’ keywords.

Note that there is a bulk importing tool on Twitter as well, where you can highlight words that you want to match with your keywords. This tool provides you with three different matching options when entering keywords, which are exact match, phrase match, and basic keyword match.

These are some of the best features on Twitter that empower marketers to create a unique selling point on social media. Use a combination of these tools, and engage with the huge audience of Twitter users.



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